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Exceptional customer service demands time

STAFFLINK's proven workflow and outsourcing support solutions are designed to directly increase the amount of time Property Managers have to provide outstanding customer service.

We aim to increase the volume of properties that can be managed by 40% per Property Manager, without compromising the level of service they are able to provide.

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Some of the tasks we can assist with

How we can help

Arm your Property Management team with the tools to succeed

Handling complaints

With high volumes of properties, landlords and tenants, complaints are inevitable. The way they are handled can directly impact an agency’s reputation – for better or worse.

Your Stafflinker can help to resolve concerns and complaints rapidly and thoroughly, and support your local team to alleviate potential complaints by handling all your repeatable tasks.

Scheduling and inspections

Increasing the volume of properties that can be managed by 40% means performing countless property tours and tenant interviews every year.

Your Stafflinker can schedule and conduct virtual property tours and will facilitate interviews for prospective tenants, saving each Property Manager up to a full workday every week.

Customer service

Our experience shows that clients value the prompt, efficient and accurate handling of a range of repetitive tasks associated with property management.


Successful property management relies on an organised and systematic approach to administrative tasks. If a Property Manager is doing their job well, an owner shouldn’t have to think about their investment property.

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Client Reviews


STAFFLINK are amazing, we would truly be lost without them!

Nothing they can’t do!

As the Operations Manager in Property Management with 7 offices in Melbourne, it was one of our best choices to engage with STAFFLINK for our administrative & in house needs.

I find the people at STAFFLINK are intelligent and polite. There has been nothing that I have requested that could not be done.

Extremely Helpful!

Thank you STAFFLINK for all your training services provided to our office! We are incredibly lucky to have the most up to date training and assistance services from STAFFLINK.

The team are always extremely helpful and get back to us immediately.

Thank you, STAFFLINK.

The team at STAFFLINK have provided us with incredible service and quality training. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!