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Real Estate Case Study for a Large Melbourne Based Client

Real Estate Case Study for a Large Melbourne Based Client
18 October 2019 Stafflink

The Problem

Our clients approached Stafflink 10 months ago because as a team, they were feeling overwhelmed with their workload. Despite their commitment and hard work, they had reached capacity and were unable to keep up with their growing to-do list. Rather than being able to focus on delivering excellent customer service, their staff were becoming stressed by administrative and non-dollar productive activities. Rather than hiring an additional member of staff in their office, our client was interested in outsourcing.

Our Solution

Stafflink provided our clients with a team of Virtual Assistants who were comprehensively trained in the specific areas of real estate management and administrative work that the client required. This allowed our clients to increase their staff to property ratio by 32% in just 10 months.

As this Melbourne based real estate agency continues to become more successful, their workload has once again spiked and they have recently requested a fifth Virtual Assistant who is capable of completing all BDM proposals, creating management agreements, application processing and creating property’s, owners and tenancies in their property management software.

The Results

  • Property Management processes overhauled and digitised allowing different staff members to complete their own tasks with the visibility of seeing what tasks had already been completed by their Stafflink team members
  • The property managers to property ratio changed from 1:65 to 1:85
  • The clients saved $506,220 in wage costs in just 10 months

Goals For The Future

The next goal which we are working towards with this particular client is 1:100 property manager to property ratio, which would be a 54% improvement and would achieve a saving in wages of $759,000.
Beyond that, we will strive to achieve a constant 1:120 ratio, a balance which we have achieved and maintained with many of our other clients.

Stafflink is dedicated to transforming your real estate business with improved efficiency and customer service. If you would like to achieve the same rates of astounding success and progress within your company as this client, contact Stafflink today.