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Real Estate Admin Support Staff

Accelerate your business growth by allowing your Agency to hyper-focus on skilled tasks!

By expanding your Admin team with STAFFLINK’s specially trained offshore teams, your Agencies repetitive tasks are in the past and you can sit back and watch your team and agency thrive! 

Our clients choose to outsource their admin teams to STAFFLINK to cut labour costs, including salaries for their personnel, overhead, and technology. Outsourcing is also used by our clients to dial down and focus on the core aspects of their business, spinning off the tedious operations to our teams.



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Sales Support

We work directly with your agency to identify the pain points and bottlenecks in the sales administration process.


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Property Management Support

Our proven processes are designed to ensure your staff focus on client relationships; not administration.


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Training & Consultancy

Use STAFFLINK’s training & consultancy team to provide your team with clear processes and direction.


The unique part about using STAFFLINK is that alongside your new admin support team, you can also adapt our proven Real Estate workflow process on THE LINK, Powered by The Hub, which manages thousands of properties and has helped our clients win multiple industry awards!


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The Process

At STAFFLINK our business is built on proven processes and end-to-end visibility for our teams, clients and services.

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Step 1

1hr discovery call with our savvy BDM’s to answer all of your tough questions.


Step 2

Interview your new real estate admin support staff member and see if they are the right fit for your company and if not, we will find you another option!

Step 3

Onboarding with your dedicated STAFFLINK Client Success Manager.


Step 4

Streamlining your data between your admin software and THE LINK.


Step 5

Organising your new workflows on THE LINK, Powered by The Hub.


Step 6

The real estate admin support staff begin managing your admin workflows.


Step 7

Once your new processes are embedded, they will be documented for onboarding of future staff members.


Step 8

Support from STAFFLINK’s Client Success Managers from start to finish.


Why Trust STAFFLINK’s Support?

Tick mark Efficient Staffing Solution

STAFFLINK can identify suitably qualified and well-trained candidates for your agency’s dedicated offshore staffing solution. We work with you to develop a simple and proven support function and arrange for customised training to ensure you receive targeted support for your business requirements.

Tick mark Optimised Business Process

Our optimised and proven systems will provide you, and your clients, with outstanding service. We will work with you to customise the best support function for your business requirements and have it ready and operational as soon as possible.

Tick mark Cost-Effective

Your operational costs will be significantly reduced when you outsource with STAFFLINK.

Our data shows that with repetitive administrative tasks being coordinated offshore, Sales Administration productivity increases considerably.

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We helped a Melbourne based agency save over 500k in 10 months. Here's how.

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