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One Team, One Goal.
Bring your team together and get end-to-end visibility

STAFFLINK lives by our ethos of work smarter and we make it our business to implement it across all of our services. Your Real Estate Agency Hub is tailored to your agency and will draw together your agency workflow tools and software into one accessible and trackable system. It is designed as a collaborative team space that can be accessed by all staff, whether they are working from home, in the office or out of the country.

Trusted by Leading Real Estate Agencies

Centralise Your Unique Business Tools

The perfect place to help your team succeed. Don’t rely on bookmarks and emails to run your organisation! Help your team gain access to their departments technology and forms in an accessible, simplified and compact stack.

Your Personalised Academy

A space to highlight your agency’s training on demand. Create digital courses for your staff to assist them in succeeding in their role and all areas of your business. Reducing adhoc training and onboarding times.

Process Mapping

Create and map your processes on demand with our flow charts tool. House all of your agency processes in one place for your team’s easy access and ensure alignment across new initiatives.

White Label

The Hub is your hub, use our whitelabeling solution to customise your branding across the platform. A unique addition to your recruitment to set yourself apart from your competition. Everything your staff needs to stay on top and feel successful in their role in one accessible hub.

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