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Image Property Website Case Study

The STAFFLINK team helped to transform the Image Property website, with some significant performance increases complimenting the modern design and slick user interface.

Tasks Real Estate Agents Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

For many businesses, hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-efficient solution that allows their key staff to do what they do best. But during this post-crisis timeline, what is reduced overhead costs for some businesses may be life-saving and vital for others! But you may ask yourself… What is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant (VA) can help your business [...]

Safeguard your Business with our Online Solutions

Do restrictions stop you running your business effectively? In these uncertain times, there’s a lot of doubt surrounding upcoming work and how client interaction will be able to take place. If your business requires meetings with clients, presentations of properties/facilities, training or even courses/exams, making your services available online will allow you to have a stronger degree of certainty and [...]

Why STAFFLINK’S Learning Platform is Good for Your Business

The age of technology has brought out the entrepreneur in many people. Suddenly there’s a new wave of business owners crashing the market and overcrowding our social media feeds. The only problem is that most of those businesses are offering the same type of service just like everybody else, albeit with minor adjustments for the pricing. This is a problem. [...]

How to Get More Sales in Real Estate

Help your sales team see the bigger picture The success of your business is reliant on how much you invest in your sales force. While you may have several years of experience selling properties, are you doing enough to innovate your sales process to try and tap into the newer generation of home owners and keep up with this digital [...]

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of creating traffic for your brand’s website as well as increasing its digital presence through organic search engine results. SEO helps you develop your content through what people are searching for online. It’s about providing them the answer to questions they haven’t even thought of asking yet. This will depend on keyphrases and [...]

Queensland Government to Offer Small Businesses with COVID-19 Grant Program

Find out if you're eligible to get funding Positive news for business owners in Queensland, as the government is looking to support small businesses that have been highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The adaptation grant program aims to help businesses rebuild and sustain their operations post-crisis. Currently, the program’s focus is small, family-owned businesses.   The goals of the [...]

How STAFFLINK Trains Your Staff More Efficiently

When it comes to staff training, we set the highest standard possible. One of the primary goals of any industry is to continue to set the highest standard possible. Your staff are a major part of this goal, which is why training them correctly is a crucial part of the process. Here at STAFFLINK, we not only teach them the [...]

Outsource Your Routine Inspection Process

Ensure that the properties you manage are in excellent condition Routine Inspections are an excellent tool to ensure the property is being cared for in line with our expectations and to assess any possible maintenance and/or health and safety issues. They are a vital part of the Owner/Property Manager relationship as they ensure the line of open and honest communication. [...]

5 Reasons to Keep Blogging in 2020

Let us tell you why blogging will still be relevant in this decade In this advanced age of technology, it might be a little bit hard to believe that people still read. With information readily available and presented in an entertaining way like video content and infographics, blogs and articles are still a great marketing tool to expand your reach [...]