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Digital Optimisation for The Industry Leader.

Lead generation is the ultimate goal of an Agency, and effective Real Estate SEO is key. You need visitors and qualified leads to power your business. In today’s digital world, it’s not as easy to bring customers to your website.

As you have probably discovered, the best way to do this is through Digital Marketing and in particular, Paid Advertisements and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Real Estate website SEO and Digital Marketing

So why choose STAFFLINK’s Real Estate SEO and Google Advertising Team, over a Digital Marketing Agency?

We are not competing with a Digital Marketing Agency. STAFFLINK is built for the industry within the industry. As a Real Estate Support Agency, we pride ourselves on the inner workings of the industry, and the unique advertising techniques needed to gain the attention of and bring leads to your website. Our SEO experts and Advertising gurus only execute on Real Estate based digital marketing and only offer to specialise in these key services.

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Real Estate Search Engine Optimisation

Step 1 to Digital Success

Following our full website audit, we take every possible measure to ensure your pages meet Google’s high technical standards. This includes overall structure & architecture, effective Real Estate SEO settings, and carefully researched keywords. This is the backbone of setting your Real Estate Agency up to rank correctly on Google and other search engines.

We help you get to the front page of Google for relevant searches and ensure you stay there, continuously offering you reports to keep you up to date with where you are standing.

Did you know? Most templated websites aren’t set up correctly for Google & other search engines, and a new website can take up to 12 weeks to start appearing in Google. If it isn’t set up with best practices, it may never appear for phrases apart from the exact business name.

Google Ads Lead Generation

Step 2 to digital success

Let’s Drive Traffic to your site.

We’ll handle your Google Ads and provide you with measurable results.

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program, the platform allows you to create digital ads to reach audiences that are interested in your services. The Google Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, i.e. you have to pay a small sum every time a visitor clicks your advert. Our team is trained to ensure that those clicks are valuable to your business and that your budget is maximised by using specialised targeting techniques and bidding strategies. Our team will continuously report on your advertisement status and work with you to create the right strategy based on your budget.

Google Ads Lead Generation
How to improve your Real Estate Agency’s SEO

Why Do I Need Both Services to Reach Digital Success?

The truth is, you don’t. You can choose to have one over the other but we wouldn’t recommend this.

When Google decides which ads get seen by browsing prospects, they take the post-click landing page experience into account. This post-click landing page is often your website, and it needs to be optimised to be seen as a relevant source from a Real Estate SEO perspective.  If you don’t prioritise your website experience you will drain your budget quickly because visitors won’t convert because they do not want to hunt for what you promised them in your ad.

According to the Google Ads support page:

Your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to websites that offer a poor user experience.


The Process

At STAFFLINK our business is built on proven processes and end-to-end visibility for our teams, clients and services.

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Step 1

Discovery sessions to understand your needs and where you’d like to increase your presence.


Step 2

Onboarding, signing contracts and gaining access to the required online accounts.


Step 3

Initial work scheduled and completed by the STAFFLINK Marketing Team.


Step 4

Regular monitoring, updating and reporting to ensure you know what’s being done.

Step 5

More results for your team!

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