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STAFFLINK’s Property Management Workflows are used by 250+ Real Estate agencies in Australia & New Zealand.

By pairing our onshore and offshore Support Staff Solutions, we aim to streamline your Property Management processes to provide a best-in-class solution for your staff & clients.

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Property Management Workflows

Tick mark Properties

A ‘source of truth’ of all property information; this provides information related to each property in all other areas. All property onboarding and offboarding is conducted through this workflow.

Tick mark Pipeline

A hub for all potential and successful leads coming into your business via your BDM team.

The Pipeline hosts workflows designed to onboard a property (or client), and support the BDM with data collation, appraisals, and the file handover to your Property Management team.

The Pipeline also kickstarts and feeds other Property Management Workflows, such as Entries, Properties and Listings (depending on what direction your property is headed in).

Tick mark Listings

All properties that will be listed online in the future or currently listed online can be found in one easy-to-digest location.

The entire Listings campaign, along with recommended price adjustments, call reminders for landlords, application counters, and much more, is hosted here to improve communication with the landlord and reduce days on the market.

The Listings workflow also feeds information into Entries, assisting with preparing your upcoming new tenancy (once the property has been leased).

Tick mark Applications

All applications your agency receives live within (and are processed in) this central location.

This offers unmatched visibility and efficiency in application processing and viability. It also provides additional assistance with efficiency from the ground and management levels, such as affordability ratings, application processing timers, etc.

The Applications workflow also feeds information to your other Property Management Workflows, such as Listings and Entries, supporting your listings campaign with an application tracker and supporting your Entries with information on your approved tenant.

Tick mark Entries

A checklist-style workflow that ensures all steps, big or small, are completed during what is typically a tedious and long-winded process.

Tick mark Communications

The Communications area assists your reception or front-of-office staff with passing on communication to the relevant people within your agency.

Management can also use this tab to monitor performance relating to returned, taken or missed calls for all staff or pods.

Tick mark Renewals

A workflow designed to improve communication and reduce time taken to renew a lease.

This offers an opportunity to complete your lease renewals faster, with a better client experience.

The Renewals workflow feeds information to other areas, including Vacates, Listings and Entries (depending on the status of the lease renewal), to assist with whichever workflow would be triggered off the back of the owner and tenant decisions on renewing the lease.

Tick mark Vacates

A checklist-style workflow that ensures all tasks at the end of a tenancy are completed within an appropriate time frame, including those tasks that can sometimes be missed.

Additionally, this workflow supports your Claims and Disputes (when there is a disagreement at the end of the tenancy) as well as your Listings (with a vacate date countdown to keep your listings record and subsequent listings decisions up to date and in line with the current timeline).

Tick mark Claims & Disputes

Provide unmatched visibility and organisation for your bond claims and tenancy disputes.

The workflow offers a space for any and all information to ensure that your property managers can easily track and manage their disputes and upcoming tribunal hearings.

This workflow also links to your Scheduling section to assist with organising the tribunal or mediation dates for associated disputes.

Tick mark Arrears

We host a wide range of workflows relating to tenancies under your management.

Workflows can be split by arrears type, part payments, and deposits.

Additionally, this section is the ‘source of truth’ for all tenancy information and links directly to your Properties, keeping records up to date (plus all other areas that require tenancy information).

Tick mark Routines

This process assists with the ongoing scheduling of your routine inspections.

Your team can easily schedule inspections and create recurring inspection times based on your preferred inspection frequency.

Tick mark Scheduling

Scheduling with STAFFLINK is a game-changer for your field services team.

Here you can schedule all out-of-office inspections and activities in one place and split these up based on the composition of your office.

Data is derived from your other Property Management Workflows, such as Entries, Routines, Listings and Vacates, to act as a hub for all of your field services teams’ tasks and responsibilities.

Tick mark Daily Checks

Using Daily Checks, your offshore team can update your management team on all overdue tasks across your entire agency (within our system).

This offers unmatched transparency to your management team, which can be used to further improve performance across your entire Property Management team.

Tick mark Compliance

Keep track of all and any compliance items for all of your Properties Under Management.

These workflows allow you to complete agency-wide audits of any compliance tasks, including but not limited to smoke alarms, water compliance, minimum housing standards, etc.

This is also beneficial for acquisitions, making selling or buying a rent roll much more manageable.

Tick mark Rental References

The Rental References support your Vacates workflow and aims to reduce repetitive work, during what is a busy time for your leasing and property management team.

This process keeps a rental reference for every vacating tenant, which can then be forwarded to external agencies each time a request is received, rather than having to complete a rental reference for the same tenant multiple times.

Tick mark Plus more...

Contact the STAFFLINK team to find out what other workflows we’ve built to take your agency to the next level.

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