How To Build And Maintain Strong Professional Relationships

How To Build And Maintain Strong Professional Relationships

The working environment in the real estate industry, much like any line of work, tends to become overwhelming when work-related stressors keep piling on. The never-ending barrage of ad-hoc tasks, demanding clients, and tight deadlines will often cause your staff to burn out. Eventually, negatively affecting your business in the long run.

Don’t fret. There are ways you can mitigate stress.

Did you know that having a good rapport with your staff can be highly beneficial for your organisation? If you have employees working under you, it’s important to remember that they follow your lead. By creating a work environment that meets their needs, staff are motivated to bring their A-game whenever they’re on the clock.

There are many factors to positively influence the performance of your staff. Here’s a list of the things you can apply immediately to build up your team’s resilience.


Positive reinforcement can go a long way

It has been proven that people respond better to words of encouragement rather than criticism. Whenever there’s an opportunity to offer feedback to employees, deliver it in a way that will drive them to be better. Staff often confuse constructive criticism with scrutiny, so it is important to speak to them in a positive yet authoritative manner.

So rather than saying something like: “You forgot the documents. Don’t forget next time.”

You could try highlighting the positives in between some constructive criticism, like this: “Hey good job with that client. You adapted to the situation and got them to consider. But keep your files somewhere where you can easily spot them ok? Saves you gas in the long run!”

Communication is key

Outsourcing to a different country can be intimidating.

But thanks to technology, we are able to get in touch with literally anyone from around the world. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages that outsourcing has is instantaneous communication.

Use video meetings to establish an open and transparent relationship with your staff. A little facetime will let them know that you’re making an effort to be present no matter where you are in the world. This simple act can make a big difference in a good way.

A Happy and Healthy Work Environment

A workspace that’s centred around the well-being of your staff can immensely boost their performance and keep them motivated throughout their career.

Let the work culture tell your staff that their mental and physical health is of utmost importance. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

The “care” package includes:

  • a competitive salary,
  • benefits,
  • employee perks,
  • and a workspace with a nonrestrictive atmosphere to negate the stresses that come with the job.

Beyond that, you can opt for more benefits that don’t cost a thing. You can give your employees the option for flexible work arrangements, plan more team activities, and small office events. You can even bring in cute dogs to boost the spirits of everyone in the office.

Your effort to make their work experience an incredible one can speak volumes about how much you value them as a staff.

Give your staff and yourself a break

Running your business is serious business. But, despite the heavy loads, leaders must ensure that the staff don’t carry that weight themselves. Leaders are tasked with lifting their spirits and providing the best possible work environment. Give your employees reasons not to dread Mondays and get them excited to come to work every day.

Your team is your company’s lifeline. They are the ones who represent your company day in and day out. Take good care of them, provide them with the tools to succeed, as well as an inspiring environment and watch them look after your clients and grow your business.

Employee Seal of Approval

According to a Forbes article on employee engagement and wellness, 89% of workers who work at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

A glowing recommendation from your employees is always helpful whenever you’re on the lookout for new hires. Who better to talk up a company other than someone who actually works there?

Your involvement in your staff’s well-being is a determining factor on whether or not you’re a credible leader who can positively affect their lives.

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