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rate my agent top 100

What is the Rate My Agent Top 100 list?

The idea behind RateMyAgent was simple: to help good agents showcase their great work and the results they achieve for their clients.

“They are the largest real estate awards in Australia, comparing over 36,000 agents and agencies across the country.

They highlight the leading real estate agents and agencies in each suburb, city and state across Australia, as well as on a national level… the award is calculated based on verified reviews & recommendations that customers provide on the RateMyAgent website.”

Of the many different awards available to be won in the real estate industry, (and there’s a few), their annual Top 100 Agency of the Year Awards are the only major awards to be based on verified customer reviews. 

What is a verified review?

Let’s dive into that a little deeper and discuss why it matters.

To write a verified review you need to be directly involved in the transaction either as a homeowner or a buyer. Unlike other awards that are judged by the agent’s peers and have a broader focus, customer service is the key focus of this award. How well can the agent maintain that relationship so that their client can give them a good review?

These are the actual homeowners and buyers themselves writing the review, which brings trust and legitimacy to the awards.

The bottom line is that these awards are important because they tell us who is able to provide the best customer service.




The RateMyAgent awards, which are in their eighth year, are the only major ‘customer-choice’ awards for the real estate industry in Australia.

STAFFLINK can boost your customer service

This is noteworthy because the admin, sales and marketing that goes into real estate, most Agencies are overwhelmed with backlog and customer service takes a back seat.

It is only the Agencies that have the right processes, technology and support in place that are free to accelerate in this category.

Our advice? Get a support system in place where you have the admin tasks assisted offshore, so that your clients get the customer service they deserve from your team.

With the admin tasks being cared for, your Property Managers and Sales teams can focus on customer facing tasks.

Furthermore, get the right platforms and workflows in place within your Agency to gain end-to-end visibility of your business, giving you the visuals to understand when and where additional support is needed, and who is not performing to company expectations.

STAFFLINK’s Workflow Solution, THE LINK; powered by Airtable was developed by industry experts who understand the importance of one process to stabilise an agency and the additional support staff that’s needed to drive an Agency forward.

Want proof?

By using STAFFLINK’s workflow platform, 30% of the Rate My Agent Top 100 list were able to exceed with their customer service and gain recognition in 2022. That percentage is bigger than last year, and we fully expect it to be bigger again in 2023 as more and more agencies realise how much the inefficiencies in their workflow is negatively impacting on their customer service.

Join the growing STAFFLINK community and:

  • get better reviews on RateMyAgent
  • truly improve your customer service, and
  • drive your agency forward, with guidance from the leading professionals in the industry.

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