Recruitment Process

Simplifying the outsourcing process.

We start by identifying which processes will be most effectively outsourced for your business. We then provide training, support and structure to your outsourcing operation. And, to ensure your workflow is streamlined, training is tailored to the processes and software already being used within your business.

Not only do we produce outsourced talent, but we will also give you access to a comprehensive training program to expand your business and grow even further.

We then train your offshore and onshore staff to create a homogenous work environment that’s suitable for your business. From software application to workflow processing, we’ll make sure you get your money’s worth with our full training courses.

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How we can help


Once you have met with us, reviewed the plan of action and confirmed that it will meet your needs, your engagement with Stafflink as your outsourcing trainer begins.

Hire Your Team

We do all the hard work and find the best candidates for the roles in your business. Then, all you need to do is conduct interviews with the pool of pre-screened, shortlisted candidates.

Introduce your team

Time to welcome your newest team member and get started!

Sometimes your staff will need to be sold on the benefits of having a team member offshore. We will complete a video conference with your team to answer any questions and set their mind at ease.

Launch initial process

our new staff member has finished onboarding and is ready to go. Now it’s time to get started working through the first project.

Integrate Business

Your property managers or sales agents have their first insight into the benefits of outsourcing and have one less task to complete now that it’s offshore – it’s that simple!

Client Reviews


“Brilliant conference, well set up, great location and facilities, brilliant speakers and very well organized, greatly appreciated.”


“Amazing conference. So well run. A great, diverse range of speakers.”


“Excellent content, fantastic networking and a fun atmosphere. Perfect conference. “


“We got a lot out of all the speakers and gave us a lot of insight into what others are doing that is working.”