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If you’re interested in booking your demo, our friendly team would love to hear from you.

Demos are available for our Real Estate Workflows, Property Management Support, Sales Support, and Agency Hubs.


What to expect when you book a demo?

Our goal is to demonstrate how we can elevate your Property Management and Sales Departments.

During our demo we will:

  • Give you a live demonstration of our products OneDash, The Hub, and The Hub
  • Provide an overview of our Property Management Workflow Solutions
  • Demonstrate our Sales workflows and why the top Agents love using it

How long does a demo take?

You can expect to speak to our team for roughly 45-60 minutes.

This gives us enough time to get an understanding of your current systems and processes, and also demonstrate how we can assist you.


What do I need to do before a demo with STAFFLINK?

We recommend you have a strong understanding of the following:

  • the challenges and stresses that your Property Management and Sales teams face
  • the software used within your business uses
  • the number of properties in the business (and how many are in each team member’s portfolio)
  • tasks that are being handled by your Sales Agents and Admins

My business has less than 100 properties, can I still book a demo?

Yes, every business can benefit from great workflow solutions.

Our specialty is helping businesses grow and scale their operations sustainably, regardless of size.

Ask us about our STAFFLINK Starter Package.


What happens after the demo?

Following the demo, we will prepare and send you a unique business proposal.

This will give you all the information needed to make an informed decision.


What do current clients say about their experience?

We are currently working with over 250 businesses in Australia and New Zealand, including many of the RateMyAgent award winners.

If you would like to speak directly with some of our current clients to hear about their STAFFLINK journey and ask any questions you may have, we have many satisfied clients who would be happy to connect and share their experiences.

You could also attend the STAFFLINK Conference 2023, which would give you the opportunity to meet the team and our growing STAFFLINK community.


RateMyAgent 2023 Award Winners

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If you’re interested in seeing how we support agencies all over Australia and New Zealand, our friendly team would love to hear from you.

Free Demos are available for our Property Management Workflows, Sales Workflows, and Agency Hubs.