Web Services Discovery Workshop FAQ

What the heck is a discovery workshop?

A discovery workshop (or scoping session) is an opportunity for your team and ours to gather all the information we require to create a new lead generating website. The deliverable results in a document to guide your project design, development and requirements. It will allow us to more accurately detail the time and effort required to build, and the scope of key milestones.

What's included in a scoping session?

Tick mark Goals

This is the reason for the websites’ existence and includes the specific goals you hope to achieve.

Tick mark Deliverables

All deliverables that will be provided upon project completion. For example, each phase will have their own outcome that can be used in related project phases.

Tick mark Acceptance Criteria

A list of criteria that the deliverables must meet for you to accept them. We highlight results you won’t accept, like missed due dates, low quality or buggy features, poor communication, etc.

Tick mark Constraints

Limitations on the project, such as a lack of time or money, if we’re required to use a certain process or follow set guidelines, or additional steps (eg no branding) need to be included

Tick mark Assumptions

There are always unknowns. Anything we have to guess will be listed in this section

Tick mark Exclusions

anything we/you want to clarify that is out of scope and will not be included in the project. Sometimes, exclusions aren’t obvious. Anything that may be seen as a grey area will be listed here.

Tick mark Sitemap

A full sitemap, menu structure, and a general overview of what each page is for, its target audience, and their functionality

Tick mark Content Types

Each different content type will have a different function. For example, Pages display static content, and archive displays every item in a content type (like property listings), reviews, media, blog articles, FAQs, etc.

Tick mark Integrations

A list of required connections to services. Analytics, your CRM for property feeds, email delivery, anti-spam, CDN for better/faster content delivery, etc.

Tick mark Plug-Ins

A list of the plug-ins we recommend to be installed, and a summary of their functionality. We include this to help better understand how we think the website should be built.

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