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In just two years Stafflink has assisted over 100 of Australia’s top real estate agencies implement an effective outsourcing plan that has not only improved their companies efficiencies but also improved their bottom line.

If you are looking for an outsourcing solution that not only improves the health of your business today but also safeguards your business tomorrow get in touch.

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Some of the tasks we can assist with

How we can help


Do you have repeatable processes and know the ins & outs of each task within your business? We can help to streamline the work week of all staff for maximum efficiency!


Part of the challenge in any business is knowing where to find important information in a timely manner. Follow our simple steps to get all of your documentation up to date and in the right location.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Do you have an effective plan in place for integrating new staff into your business? We have the resources and training model to make your onboarding & offboarding a breeze.

Employment Contracts

Many businesses struggle to efficiently handle and keep track of employment contracts – find out how Stafflink can help to organise and stay on top of this important task.

Learn how STAFFLINK train your staff to be more efficient.Read more

Client Reviews

Nothing they can’t do!

As the Operations Manager in Property Management with 7 offices in Melbourne, it was one of our best choices to engage with STAFFLINK for our administrative & in house needs.

I find the people at STAFFLINK are intelligent and polite. There has been nothing that I have requested that could not be done.

STAFFLINK are great to work with!

They help the real estate I work for with administration duties. They are always very fast, accurate, friendly and professional 🙂

I highly recommend their services.

The Staff at STAFFLINK are amazing! Always happy to assist us with anything we require so promptly and efficiently.

The greatest team to work with.

Always friendly polite and professional. Always there to assist and I don’t know where we would be without them!