Agency Hub

One team, one hub

STAFFLINK lives by our ethos of ‘work smarter’ and makes it our business to implement it across all of our services.

Our Agency Hub offering can be tailored to your agency and draws together your agency workflow tools and software into one, accessible and trackable system. It is designed as a collaborative team space that can be accessed both your onshore and offshore team.

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Online Courses

STAFFLINK will include the latest training and information for your team to ensure consistency of knowledge and accuracy in the delivery of tasks. The courses will be tailored to your agency’s requirements and relevant state legislation.


A centralised dashboard is a quick view into the status of your agency’s workflow. With live and accurate data, your team can monitor productivity, workloads and almost any other data from your CRM.

Request Forms

Connect your local and offshore teams with simple request forms to keep track of tasks and reporting.

Software Links

We can integrate your agency’s chosen software platforms to be accessed by approved staff from anywhere in the world. Software might include any/all (and more) of the following programs:

Client Reviews

Nothing they can’t do!

As the Operations Manager in Property Management with 7 offices in Melbourne, it was one of our best choices to engage with STAFFLINK for our administrative & in house needs.

I find the people at STAFFLINK are intelligent and polite. There has been nothing that I have requested that could not be done.

I highly recommend STAFFLINK

Utilising the assistance and services of STAFFLINK has enabled our property management department to excel and exceed. I would highly recommend STAFFLINK to any agency looking to amp up their business and take it to the next level.

Helping us stay ahead

After dealing with a previous outsourcing company and not having a great experience, I can highly recommend STAFFLINK. Their ongoing support is second to none and they are always keeping us informed of new processes and programs so that we stay ahead of our competitors.

I highly recommend their services

STAFFLINK is a massive asset to any business, making everyday tasks so much easier! I highly recommend their services if you want to streamline your processes, and be one step ahead of your competitors at all times!