Virtual Assistants

Let a Virtual Assistant Manage your day to day.

STAFFLINK have the team and the processes to effectively increase your Properties managed to Property Manager ratio, with the standard set at 120 Properties per PM. Increase your productivity by adding a STAFFLINK Virtual Assistant.

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Some of the tasks we can assist with

How we can help

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can help you with

Reduce stress on your team

Take the time consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks away from your local staff.

Virtual Assistant’s who are well trained are able to handle important day to day routines with speed and precision, while also providing full visibility over the workflow to keep everyone up to date.

Improve customer relations

By taking these tasks away from your local staff, they will now have more time to focus on the most important aspect of their job; client satisfaction.

Stafflink clients regularly see an increase in their NPS scores & client reviews as a result of having more time to cater for their clients day to day needs.

Introduce process

Not only does a VA allow for full transparency in their work, they also document and track the steps & time involved in each workflow.

These steps allow for a smoother & faster transition when adding more members to your team both on and offshore.

Save time & money

A Virtual Assistant can save you hours, or even days a week in administrative or process driven work.

These hours gained mean dollar productive tasks become more achievable and your team can grow without breaking the bank to onboard new staff.

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Client Reviews

Nothing they can’t do!

As the Operations Manager in Property Management with 7 offices in Melbourne, it was one of our best choices to engage with STAFFLINK for our administrative & in house needs.

I find the people at STAFFLINK are intelligent and polite. There has been nothing that I have requested that could not be done.

STAFFLINK are great to work with!

They help the real estate I work for with administration duties. They are always very fast, accurate, friendly and professional 🙂

I highly recommend their services.

The Staff at STAFFLINK are amazing! Always happy to assist us with anything we require so promptly and efficiently.

The greatest team to work with.

Always friendly polite and professional. Always there to assist and I don’t know where we would be without them!