What’s New in The Hub | The Hub Update October 2022

The Hub Update October 2022

Matt Condit (Professionals) talks to Lee Woodward about The Hub.

The Hub Update October 2022

Life just got easier for users of the Hub…again!

We are excited to show off our latest update of The Hub – jam packed with new features and improved usability.

New & existing users of The Hub from STAFFLINK have access to all new features upon their release.

If you’ve recently signed up, migrated from an older version of The Hub, or simply want to know what has changed in recent times, here’s our guide to the key features you can take advantage of.


Staff Directory

Screen Shot 2022 10 21 at 12.01.01 pm


The Hub’s new ‘staff directory’ feature allows for:

  • Easy storage of internal staff information such as
    • contact information,
    • goals,
    • analytics,
    • activity and learning progress
  • Aligns information from Org Chart showing direct reports & team
  • One-click functionality to email/call from The Hub



Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 10.52.57 am

The Hub’s new and updated ‘Goals’ feature gives you the tools to make managing your team easier than ever before.

  • Goals are now assignable to Groups (Assign shared ‘team goals’ to all members of the same team )
  • Admin UI improvements (Now you can customise your Hub homepage with a couple of clicks)
  • Better personal goal visibility (keep your team accountable)
  • Performance updates ( Monitor and track your team’s progress in real time)


Knowledge Base

With the Hub’s new ‘Knowledge Base’ allows you to create your own self-serve online library of information. Can include FAQs, step-by-step process guides, and video demonstrations. Streamline your onboarding and staff development and training.

Admin features

  • Create and publish 3 level deep categories
  • Create links inside categories
  • Create rich text articles inside categories
  • Search from categories, articles and links

User features

  • Navigate all categories in left panel, open categories are remembered
  • Search from categories, articles and links
  • Open and read Article
  • Click to open links


User To Do List

Screen Shot 2022 10 21 at 11.58.33 am

Plan your work day with this new feature sits on the Hub homepage. Now you can quickly and easily add tasks to your schedule.

  • Add tasks for the day
  • Simple checklist functionality
  • Visible to user only
  • Saves opening other external programs for checklist


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