Virtual Tours Creator at STAFFLINK Conference 2023

Virtual Tours Creator at STAFFLINK Conference

Virtual Tours Creator at STAFFLINK Conference 2023

We are excited to announce the partnership of Virtual Tours Creator at STAFFLINK Conference 2023.

Sometimes, a new technology comes along that doesn’t just improve the way things were being done, but totally reimagines them.

Virtual Tours Creator (VTC) is one such piece of technology. It not only saves you 1-2 hours on in-going inspections, but also has other benefits, such as being able to use that same ingoing virtual tour to get your maintenance quotes without having to leave the office.

Why should you use Virtual Tours?

See how Joel Davis, owner and director of Image Property and CEO of STAFFLINK describes the massive benefits of VTC 360 tours for his business of 4500+ properties.

“We’ve been using VTC for a number of years now and it’s been massive for us. There’s such a wide range of different reasons that we use it for”

So, what are the other benefits of incorporating Virtual Tours into your business? Here are 18 of them.

1. Cut inspection time in half – Save time on taking photos. Instead of taking 400-500 of just about everything in the house you can make a 360 vr tour in 15 min and then take only photos of the actual damage, cupboards or drawers. Save at least 1 hour in every property you manage.

2. Avoid tenancy disputes

3. Lease faster and sight unseen (view properties anywhere at anytime)

4. Speed up application and leasing process

5. Pre-qualify tenants

6. Full transparency for Landlords

7. Next level service for landlords and tenants

8. Win more listings, grow rent roll faster

9. Get great quality tenants

10. Better pre-qualification of tenants

11. Allow tenants to apply faster by using quick and engaging 360 inspections online

12. Create Entry/Exit reports, quarterly inspections or just simple communication with Landlords or tenants in the form of a 360 virtual tour

13. Lease faster

14. Build your brand and position on the market as innovative managers providing exceptional service and value for money to the house owners.

15. Allow tenants to inspect properties online before applying for property

16. Have a 24/7 open house and a perfectly staged property

17. Improve communication with Landlords that have never seen their property. Send them a Virtual Tour as a quarterly report. Create VR routine inspections

18. Allow your new PM to see all the properties they manage without leaving the office


You can read more about Virtual Tour customer success stories here.

Special Offer – Win a Free 6 Month Subscription with VTC


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To celebrate partnering with Virtual Tours Creator at STAFFLINK Conference 2023 – they have prepared a special offer.

You can win a Free 6 Month Subscription from Virtual Tours Creator for all your marketing, in-going and routine inspections.

To enter, simply book a Zoom call with Tom (creator and owner of VTC) to have a short chat about how easy the VTC system is to integrate into your property marketing.

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