What is Client Success Management and why should you be using it?

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client success management

What is Client Success Management and why should you be using it?

Client Success Management support is designed to provide training & implementation of our ecosystem within your business, and simultaneously challenge your team to adopt best practice workflows.

The outcome of a collaborative partnership enables your team to be tech-enabled and data-driven.


At STAFFLINK, we understand the challenges faced by Property Managers and Sales Admins in today’s competitive business landscape.

That’s why we offer Client Success Management (CSM) services to our valued clients.

CSM is a comprehensive solution designed to empower your team, drive success, and ensure a seamless integration of our ecosystem into your business operations.

In this article, we will explore what CSM entails, how it can benefit your organisation, and when you should consider re-engaging CSM to maximize your results.

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The Client Success Service

Client Success Management (CSM) is a personalised service provided by STAFFLINK to guide and support our clients in implementing this ecosystem and achieving their goals.

As any client onboards we take into consideration the business size, properties under management, team size and ultimately how quickly you want this to be implemented in your business.

From there we will recommend a support package that reflects this, with the goal for your business to systematically reduce down in support as the team progress through the roll out plan.

By leveraging their expertise and industry experience, CSM professionals offer valuable insights, strategies, and training to help you optimize the use of our system and enhance your overall performance.



How You Can Benefit from Client Success Management:

Our ultimate goal is to enable you and your team to get back to doing what they do best.

For Sales Agents this would be listing and selling, for a PM this is getting them primarily in office, managing and building their relationship and for a sales admin providing them with the structure to efficiently manage your sales team.

For you the business owner, we want to get you a high level of visibility on the health of your team and business in minutes.

Our team will assist you to integrate your offshore team with your onshore and provide comprehensive support in how you can create the best working environment.

With CSM, you and your team are never alone in your journey towards success.

Here’s how CSM can benefit your organisation:


Overcoming Challenges:

Imagine your company struggling with rent increases or grappling with a significant percentage of rentals in arrears.

With ever-changing legislation and technology, most challenges that have been seen in the space have already been tackled by the STAFFLINK CSM team.

Our CSM team has a proven track record of assisting clients in addressing these issues effectively, implementing strategies that drive positive change and improve your business outcomes.


Personalised Support:

When you invest in CSM, you’re not just paying for a few hours of zoom meetings.

Our package includes administrative tasks and work behind the scenes to ensure a seamless integration of our system within your business.

Your Client Success Manager is dedicated to helping you navigate the changes, providing training, and ensuring your comfort in using the tools and strategies on a daily basis.


Who are the CSM Team?

Our CSM team comprises of professionals with extensive backgrounds in property management or sales administration. This experience is critical to the role, as it allows them to engage and relate to your team effectively.

They understand the challenges faced by both supported and unsupported teams, ensuring a comprehensive rollout of our ecosystem.

With over 500 hours of Client Success Management support provided each week to clients across Australia and New Zealand, our team has the expertise to help you succeed.



How Long Should You Use CSM?

Client Success Management is not a “forever” service. Its purpose is to set you up for success, provide training, and ensure your team is comfortable using our system independently.

Once you have achieved this level of proficiency, the level of support will be reduced, and for some clients, turned off.

However, in the ever-changing real estate landscape, there may be instances where re-engaging CSM is beneficial, such as when you require additional training, changes in your business (i.e. acquisitions), assistance with new legislation, workflows, or software.



Embracing Client Success Management with STAFFLINK is a strategic step towards unlocking your business’s full potential.

Our dedicated team of CSM professionals is here to guide, support, and empower your team throughout the implementation process.

With their industry expertise, they provide valuable insights, best practices, and assistance in navigating market trends and changes.

By leveraging CSM, you can streamline your operations, maximize productivity, and achieve long-term success.

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