When is the right time to consider outsourcing?

When is the right time to consider Outsourcing

When is the right time to consider Outsourcing?

When you are ready to commit

The decision to partner with STAFFLINK is not one to be made lightly. There is no silver bullet, the first few months of re-structuring your business are very hard work.

If you as the business owner are not fully committed to the process of restructuring your business, or if you don’t 100% believe in the product, then we recommend you wait.

While we love new business and new clients, we only want to work with businesses owners that are prepared to do the hard work, and confront the challenges that will inevitably arise.

One common challenge that we have seen businesses experience has been ‘push back’ from their staff. It takes a strong leader to be able to bring people along with your vision, particularly if your vision involves big changes to the way things were being done.

For Vicki Lekanis, Partner and Head of Department at Jellis Craig, it was important to get buy-in from crucial staff members, who were then able to help convince the rest of her team to get on board. (See Video Below)

“Was there reluctance within the business? 100%. But there was no other option.”


When you are ready to manage an international team

One of the ways that STAFFLINK can help you scale your business is by the training of international team members, sometimes referred to as virtual assistants. There are many misconceptions about “offshoring”, including the misconception that they don’t feel part of your team. They are part of your team, and work only for you.

Subsequently one of the most common mistakes businesses make is mishandling that international relationship. To be successful at international team-building, your ability to lead and manage your team is crucial.

820 properties, 2 international team members, interstate property manager


Before the next major disruption

Covid-19 transformed how we work. At a moment’s notice a huge swathe of the population were forced to work from home. While that had been a trend previously, it was radically accelerated by the government’s lockdown.

This caused havoc for the property management industry, as well as many others, who were totally unprepared to facilitate their staff working from home.

But some businesses were far less affected than others. Vicki Lekanis, of Jellis Craig, she had already been working with remote, international team mates for over a year and had therefore already the system in place and experience of working “remotely”.

For her team, it was as simple as “picking up their computers and plugging in.” (See Video Below)

Covid-19 may be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but inevitably there will always be major disruptions, and the trend of offering flexible, remote work conditions is only growing.

“We started our offshoring journey in 2019”

When you want to scale your business

One of the most common questions we get from potential clients is “Is there a size that my business needs to be to work with STAFFLINK? When is the right time to consider outsourcing?”

The answer is no. We have some clients with a couple of hundred properties, and some with a few thousand.

For Laura Shooter, of SJ Shooter Real Estate, she currently has around 500 properties and is aiming for final portfolio size of around 3000. Laura knew that achieving such an ambitious goal was only possible if she was guided by people who had actually accomplished that. (See Video Below)

“I’m aiming for 3000, that’s the journey I’m on”

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