5 Reasons to Keep Blogging in 2020

Reasons to Keep Blogging

Blog posts and articles are one of the best ways to expand your organic search engine reach and are a great way to keep your clients and prospective clients informed. Whether you’re a solo agent or a large agency, real estate blogging is more relevant than it ever was. Here are five reasons why you should continue (or get into) blogging for your agency.

Gives your company more online visibility

Blogging increases your company’s visibility online. Your website will serve as the hub of all your content as well as all your social media platforms.

Your blogs and articles help create awareness and can lead potential customers to your organisation so that they can be introduced to your unique services or products. Blogging creates traffic for your website which is a good thing because it can increase the likelihood of being ranked high in search engines.

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Increases your SEO ranking

Consistent content can give you a huge advantage among your competitors in search engine results. As long as you keep churning out quality content with relevant specific keywords and topics, the higher your ranking gets. This in turn will result in potential leads.

Simple right? But you have to be consistent. Make sure to establish your keywords first before you include it in your blog. Search engines are always revising their algorithms to avoid information spamming and companies taking advantage of loopholes. Stay updated if your articles can hold up to SEO standards.

Helps you attract and connect with your audience

Blogging can also build rapport between you and your customers. First-time visitors who are introduced to your organisation can be avid followers of your content who could potentially turn into clients. Blogging can break down communication barriers and could keep your readers interested and informed of your world. This makes your brand more valuable in their eyes as you become their source of credible information.

It gives your company a voice

Tools like Google Analytics can help your organisation keep track of the performance of all your published ads and content. This can be transformed into practical data instantaneously. As many of us are aware, marketing trends are extremely fickle. But with access to performance metrics, you can easily adjust your strategy to the climate of your industry just as easily. Digital marketing can provide you with many opportunities as long as you understand how to wield it into your advantage. As the world evolves to a more digital construct, so should we. It’s time we optimise how we present our properties.

It helps your company get recognised as an industry leader

By creating content that resonates with your audience, you are positioning your brand to become a leading voice in your industry. Professionally written articles that showcase your knowledge in the field builds trust and boosts recognition as a credible source for the service or product they invest on.

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Blogging is in some way, a free learning tool that your customers can benefit from. You can inform and interact with your consumers while gaining recognition and adding a notch in your SEO rankings. Blogging is a way to provide useful information and spread awareness and influence. As long as you’re consistent with your content, you will keep growing.


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