How Branding Can Help Your Real Estate Business

How Branding Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. Agencies from different parts of Australia offering unique properties are all vying for contention to build trust with owners and home buyers alike. So how is a real estate business supposed to grow in this unyielding industry? Simple. Digital marketing and branding.

It’s only recently that real estate businesses have started using social media for generating leads and sales. This is especially effective for millennials as opposed to baby boomers. According to a study from the National Association of Realtors, 98% of home buyers started house hunting on the internet. They have cited sifting through listings on social media and real estate websites.

The internet is vast and provides equal opportunity for those who can take advantage of its technological power. Establishing your brand online is key to standing out from your competitors. But to build yourself to be someone that the audience can trust, you need a distinct identity, supported by engaging and creative content, followed by a consistent message that can resonate with your target audience.

Your brand is your best resource

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually simpler and cheaper to market yourself online than with the traditional format of print marketing and advertising. Gone are the days of one-sided communication and vague product claims.

Technology has evolved and so have the people. They’re more intelligent, responsive, and aren’t easily influenced by colourful billboards and 30-sec tv commercials.

It’s even more difficult to convince home buyers. It’s not just selling a home, it’s trust-building, and this is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their life.

Things to remember when branding yourself successfully online:

  • Be authentic and genuine. Go beyond the role of a sales agent. Be the person they call first whenever they’re thinking of buying/selling properties.
  • You’re not just “growing your network”, you’re building relationships with people. Strive for transparency and be someone they can trust.
  • Stay updated in marketing trends. Take advantage of digital formats like video, social media posters and google ads to expand your reach.
  • Be informative and engaging. Social media has made communications more accessible so make sure you catch up on your customers and never leave them waiting for content.

Customise your audience

Branding yourself online starts with knowing who your audience is. Digital marketing has made it easier for businesses to target specific people for their social media ads. That in itself is already a cost-effective solution to branding as you won’t be spending thousands of dollars to set up a generic ad and hope that someone would take the bait.

You can fully customise the demographic of your campaign based on proximity to area, gender, age, there’s even an option to target those with specific online activities.

Customising your campaign’s audience means you won’t be fishing in the big ocean anymore. It just means you’re narrowing your spots to catch bigger and better fish.

Gain analytical insight in real-time

Digital marketing provides you with a wide array of tools to keep track of your ad campaigns so you can see their effectiveness. You can actually see the performance of your listing campaigns in real-time as data for your market research so you can easily adapt to the demands of your audience.

Data analytics is an important part of marketing research to further your reach and improve communications with your audience.

Couple this with audience targeting and you can run multiple campaigns for your property, targeting multiple ad groups at once to make sure your ads are being perceived by the appropriate people.

It’s time to give your business a digital makeover

Transferring your marketing to the digital medium is a way of modernising your approach. As business owners, we need to adapt to how people are accessing listings and information.

Establishing your branding online means you are making your organisation more visible and accessible to people. STAFFLINK specialises in providing real estate support to all our clients that include all aspects of digital marketing including social media.

We can guide you on how you can quickly make an impression on social media and expand your online presence.

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STAFFLINK can help you build your brand

Digital branding is an inexpensive way to market yourself in this age of technology. It’s just a matter of figuring out who your audience is and how they perceive your organisation.

It’s an easy set-up with faster yielding results.

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