How to improve your Real Estate Agency’s SEO and show up in more search results

How to improve your Real Estate Agency’s SEO

In this article we’ll look at how to improve your Real Estate Agency’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from a technical standpoint.

Set up your site correctly for SEO

Many business owners are aware of the term Search Engine Optimisation and know that it holds some level of importance, however your time is best spent running your business and winning more listings, not worrying about building website pages, setting up page titles and researching keywords.

STAFFLINK’s web team can take the stress out of setting up your real estate website correctly for best practice SEO. This includes setting up the on-site features including (but not limited to):

  • Installation & configuration of recommended SEO Software
  • SEO Titles
  • SEO Descriptions
  • Focus Keywords
  • Page Titles
  • H1 (Heading tags)
  • On-page keywords

There are plugins out there that can generate these fields based on templated information, however these are often very generic and don’t know the keywords that are important to you (or your audience).

To have everything set up to rank successfully in Google searches, you will want to build out appropriate terms & phrases for the following page types:

  • Home page
  • Landing pages
  • Key service pages Agent profiles
  • Property listings
  • Office/location pages

You will also need to have sufficient content on each page (300 words per page is an absolute minimum) and avoid using duplicate content.

Website Architecture & Sitemap Configuration

Your website should be set up for all relevant pages to be scanned and indexed by Google, with an up to date sitemap being available at all times. It is important to submit your sitemap correctly to Google so that you can be alerted if any issues arise with any of your web pages.

Not only is it vital for your site to be visible to Google, it’s also important that your pages, posts and listings are well organised. This helps Google (and other search engines) to understand the hierarchy of your content & services, to serve the most relevant pages to users when they come looking for it.

Remove any unwanted backlinks & avoid being penalised

Do you know how many websites have links pointing to your website? Google and other search engines consider these backlinks when deciding how trustworthy your website is. If there are too many spam websites pointing to you, this may lead to your website being penalised by Google.

It’s important to monitor new backlinks that appear on a regular basis to ensure that any unwanted sources are blocked as quickly as possible.

If you are unaware of how to do this, or simply don’t have time, STAFFLINK can provide backlink analysis to ensure that your website isn’t at risk of losing any domain authority.

This is only a starting point for how to improve your Real Estate Agency’s SEO. Getting these key steps right ensures other tactics such as backlink building, cross posting of content and digital marketing campaigns will have a much improved chance of success.

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