How you can get more Real Estate leads with a STAFFLINK website

get more real estate leads

Your website should be the biggest marketing asset your Real Estate agency has – it is the only online resource you have complete control over that truly represents your brand. In this article we’ll be tackling how you can you get more Real Estate leads through your own website.

Start of by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • Do you point all of your marketing traffic back to your website?
  • Do you know how many leads it is generating?
  • Do you know where your leads came from and who they were sent to?

Here are 5 ways you can get more Real Estate leads through your own agency website:

1. Look the part with a fast & modern website

Websites that appear outdated or take too long to load are often the first reason a user will leave. If you have a website that looks professional, modern, is easy to use, and loads quickly, you’re making the experience pain-free and enjoyable.

Regular internet users can generally spot a cheap template as soon as it loads, and don’t hand their data over to just anyone these days. Be sure to stand out from the crowd and give them a reason to contact your team.

STAFFLINK have a dedicated web design & development team to ensure your website is built to suit your brand and message.

2. Appear trustworthy and show your service quality

Buying & selling real estate is one of the most stressful and important decisions in someone’s life. It’s important to have trust in the agency you’re going to work with, so setting their mind at ease in the research phase is crucial.

By using integrations from recognised review platforms such as Rate My Agent that allow your latest reviews to appear automatically on your staff profiles, you can ensure your website is always up to date and shows off the great work your team is doing. These integrations are becoming increasingly popular as they reduce the need for manual data entry and also highlights the credibility of your agents.

3. Get in front of more potential customers

Does your website show up on the first page of Google for your key services, in your core market? If not, your website may not be configured for optimal SEO.

New websites generally take time to rank effectively, however if your agency has had an online presence for a few years, a site that is built using best practices for SEO may give your brand the kick start it needs.

If you aren’t sure how your website performs, try doing a few Google searches relating to your core market (e.g. Property Managers in Brisbane, or Real Estate Agency Sydney). If you can’t find your agency with ease, there may be benefits in reviewing the SEO & site performance.

4. Instant digital appraisals

Provide access to detailed property and suburb reports to help guide buying and selling decisions. With comprehensive dashboards and data insights, this is a fantastic way to capture lead information at any stage of the property journey and get more real estate leads that are actually qualified.

If you’d like to discuss how digital appraisals can be added to your website, contact us here.

5. Lead tracking & visibility

You may have a website that is generating large amounts of traffic each month, however without performance tracking & reporting it can be difficult to say whether or not it is actually producing any results.

There are a range of fantastic tools out there to help such as Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and also ways to track your form entries in central locations.

All STAFFLINK website clients have the option to receive monthly website reports & insights. This data is also available as part of their website dashboard, where copies of all form submissions are sent to for full visibility. Agency owners can see a copy of each form, which agent/department it was sent to, and flag any general enquiries that mention selling or an appraisal request.

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