The Benefits of Outsourcing in Real Estate

benefits of outsourcing in Real Estate

When it comes the benefits of outsourcing in Real Estate, they can be endless – when it’s done correctly. Often people shy away from the idea of outsourcing because it feels a bit vague or unreliable. However, when you have a company who acts as an intermediary to organise, train and vet your offshore team member, you eliminate any possible downsides of outsourcing and are left will all of the fantastic upsides. Below we have listed the benefits of outsourcing, as tried, tested and proven by us at Stafflink:

Save Time and Resources on Training

When you hire one of Stafflink’s offshore team members, we will have already trained them in the processes and systems which your company utilises as well as other processes and methods which we have rigorously tried and tested. This means that, unlike hiring a new staff member, you don’t have to invest money, time or resources into training them for their new role- we’ve already done that for you. Your offshore team member will hit the ground running and immediately join your business as a highly functional team member. What’s more, we will ensure that your team member’s training is maintained and updated regularly to ensure that they remain a productive and engaged member of your company.

Allows you to Prioritise

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant means that you will have the freedom and ability to prioritise those important tasks which are more vital to the success of both your business and career. A Virtual Assistant can take care of the more menial and day-to-day tasks which often take up a lot of your time as a real estate agent or property manager.

An Improved NPS score

When it comes to running a successful real estate business, a good Net Promoter Score is crucial. Most vendors/tenants/buyers look to your NPS for an indication of whether or not they should go with your company, meaning that it can be a make or break factor. Outsourcing to an offshore team member allows you to delegate tasks, freeing up time to deal directly with your clients and customers who will feel like they are getting more of your undivided and focused attention. This will massively boost your NPS as it’s entirely based on how much of a positive (or negative) experience your clients and customers feel they have with you.

Save Expenditure on Wages

At Stafflink, we saved one of our large Melbourne based clients over $500,000 in wage expenditure in just 10 months. If you want to make your team more cost-effective and see incredible savings as this client did, then outsourcing to an offshore team member is definitely the way forward.

At Stafflink, we are experts in understanding how your real estate company works, what it needs, and how we can improve your success. We add structure, organisation and efficiency to the talent that already exists within your team. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing in Real Estate, contact us today!

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