4 Steps to a More Productive Business

4 steps more productive business FEAT

There are limited hours in each working day, so it is essential to ensure that you’re making the most of your time, especially when you’re trying to expand a business. However, being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean working more; it just means working smarter. Below are 4 tried and tested methods of boosting productivity in your real estate business:

Track how Much Time you’re Spending on Tasks

A lot of the time we might think we’re pretty good at mentally gauging how much time we are spending on one task, or at estimating how long a task usually takes. However, science shows that over 80% of us cannot accurately estimate how much time has gone by. Using an app or plugin which you start and stop for each separate task will help you and your staff put realistic limits on how much time you are dedicating to one area of the business. Also, using a tool like this helps you to realise how much time you are spending writing reports or managing admin tasks when your time would be better invested somewhere else.

Use Workflows to Standardise Processes

Once a process in your business has been standardised, it can be optimised. Standardise your business by setting action plans based on trigger events like the signing of a lease document or a tenant application being approved by the owner. Ensure each of these processes- along with the rest of the processes in your company- is completed in the same way every time and by each member of staff. These standardised processes can then be optimised by adding additional steps which will improve efficiency.

Stop Multitasking

While some people assume that multitasking is efficient and an excellent skill to have, it’s actually more likely to have the opposite effect and lead to a lack of productivity. The more things we try to focus on at once, the more our minds are drained by the constant mental cataloguing, and as a result, we complete our tasks much more slowly than we are actually capable of. Clear a block of your schedule and focus on one task, without interruption from colleagues and without allowing yourself to get distracted by a different item on your agenda. You’re guaranteed to see a huge difference.

Mute or Pause Notifications

On your phone and computer, make an effort to mute your notifications for texts, emails, social media and voice mails- even if they’re work-related. Again, there are plugins you can install to pause your various email accounts etc. for allotted amounts of time. In 2020, very few of us can leave a notification unopened or unread even for a few minutes. Think of all the time and energy you are wasting when you are continually shifting your focus, attention, and maybe even the device you are using. If someone needs you for a genuine emergency, they will find a way to contact you.

At Stafflink, our Virtual Assistants can solve a lot of these problems for you, and as a result, you will see a massive boost in productivity levels. We will deal with tedious and administrative tasks, freeing up your workload so that you can afford to take a break and deal with those tasks which are more of a priority for real estate agents and property managers. To learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch with us today!

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