How STAFFLINK can increase profitability for your Australian real estate agency

How STAFFLINK can increase profitability

Are you looking for ways to increase your real estate business profitability but can’t seem to find your way out of the ever-growing pile of paperwork and management tasks? Well, we’ve got some good news for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this article, we discuss how STAFFLINK can help increase profitability of your business through outsourcing.

Why outsource staff?

If you’ve been to any real estate conferences of late, you would have probably learnt that outsourcing staff is the next big trend in the Australian real estate industry. In fact, those who’ve taken advantage of this outsourcing trend have already undergone exponential growth in their real estate agency. By outsourcing to additional real estate staff through companies like Stafflink you could increase your real estate business profitability.

STAFFLINK can increase your business profitability with outsourcing staff

STAFFLINK assists your staff by taking the low-value tasks off your plate, so that you can focus on the bigger picture at hand, like growing the profitability of your business. We work with your sales, admin and property managers and partner them with fully trained assistants who can take the small, yet time-consuming tasks off their plate. This allows your key staff members to focus on more important and pressing tasks improving overall productivity, efficiency and time management. Quite simply, when your staff have the time to perform better, it can lead your team to manage more properties, sell more homes and stay on top of administration tasks.

STAFFLINK can help improve your staff retention rate and lift morale

Hiring and training staff can become an expensive and costly process if your business is often turning over a high number of employees. The costs of advertising staff positions through online job listings alone can quickly add up, not to mention the expenses associated with onboarding, training and uniforms. Without realising, your staffing issue could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. By having Stafflink on your side, your outsourced team can support your staff by getting rid of those mundane tasks such as lease renewals, application processing entry notices, and give your employees back the work-life balance they deserve. This will help retain your staff for longer and save costs on the expensive process of having to keep hiring new employees.

STAFFLINK can help improve customer satisfaction and NPS score

As a business owner, you understand the importance of customer satisfaction and the impact it can have on your business’ growth. If you’ve currently got an NPS score that is below what you want for your business, we can work together to raise your score! With your outsourced team by your side, your property managers can cut down response times, personalise customer experiences and stay on-top of property maintenance issues.

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