Losing staff who don’t share your vision? It’s not the worst thing

losing staff

Losing staff who are much-loved: an awkward truth

Its an awkward truth that sometimes when a ‘much-loved’ employee leaves your business…it’s a good thing!

You get a chance to look into their work and see how they had really been doing things.

And sometimes, what you find is not pretty.

Cut corners, incomprehensible notes, tasks not done. Chaos.


Don’t get angry, solve the problem

Often this can tarnish the former employee’s reputation in your mind and often lead to feelings of anger, or even betrayal.

But whose fault is it? That you only find out once the person leaves that their work was substandard?


That anger you that you’re projecting outwards is really be aimed at you, isn’t it?

You should have been able to pick up the poor performance in real-time. You should have a complete overview of your business, with the ability to see exactly which tasks need to get done, and by whom.

So whenever a task is missed a little red flag appears. You can see which of your people are thriving and who is struggling, who is falling behind in their workflow. It should be incredibly easy for a business owner to be able to have this information in real-time, all the time. All in one place.

If this is not relevant to you, then excellent! Genuinely.

But if this is ringing home then know this… you’re not alone. So many businesses don’t have this complete real-time overview.

This is exactly what the STAFFLINK platform gives you.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have a growing community of clients and partners who can testify to this.

What do the people who use the STAFFLINK platform say?

And what was their reaction when they booked a demo? For Vicki Lekanis, Head of Department for Jellis Craig Real Estate, the first time she saw the complete overview of her business that the STAFFLINK’s platform provides, it was a lightbulb moment. She had total clarity and just knew that she had found her path forward. See her describe this moment below:

“It just made sense” Vicki Lekanis, Jellis Craig.

Troy Pullar, from Harcourts, had a similar ‘lightbulb’ moment. As a client who started his journey with STAFFLINK after Vicki Lekanis, he was able to witness first hand the difference Vicki had made to her business.

After seeing how much visibility, transparency, and control over her business she had achieved through her partnership with STAFFLINK. Losing staff didn’t have to be an issue. He now had an example to follow.  See his ‘lightbulb’ moment here:

“Now I can find out instantly where everyone is at” Troy Pullar, Harcourts.

Short-term pain, Long-term Gain

Both Troy and Vicki’s journeys have not been without challenges. But because they had a clear vision and target to aim for, they were able to overcome the adversity and challenges that they faced.

One such challenge was push back from staff members who resisted the change that Troy and Vicki knew was required.

But sometimes losing staff, as Troy found out, is not a bad thing.

“Did we have a staff member leave because they didn’t like the new system? Yes.

Did we replace them? No.”

Troy’s business had become so much more efficient that he was able to easily manage her workload among the remaining staff without having to desperately search for a replacement.

How Long is Long-term?

“The first three months were intense” according to Vicki.

“We started to see some real efficiencies come into the business around the 9 month mark, and by 12 months staff were saying thank god for [STAFFLINK’s] The Hub.”

Troy’s journey had a similar time-frame.

“After three months it was battle, after 8 months we were thinking wow! This is working. After 12 months you’re gonna sit down with all your staff again and go, ‘so guys what do you think?’

And trust me, they will say thank you.”

The message here is simple. You have to be a leader. Don’t let the fear of short-term pain block you from making the right long-term decisions for your business.

Share your vision with your staff, and if they don’t buy in to it, and then leave…so be it.

Sometimes it’s not the worst thing.

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