Outsourcing vs Insourcing | What’s Best For Your Business?

Outsourcing vs Insourcing

Outsourcing is the practice of enlisting help or services for your business from a third party organisation not affiliated with your company. The alternative is hiring an employee to work in-house on the services which you require – this is known as “insourcing”. If you’re tossing up between which option best suits your real estate business, this article will help you decide!

Traditionally, outsourcing has meant engaging a contractor, as and when you need them. Now, however, in 2019, where everything works at the touch of a button, you can easily outsource to a Virtual Assistant who can work exclusively for your business full-time. For example, you might want to hire a full-time Virtual Assistant to support real estate property managers by handling the never-ending tasks like processing applications, paying bills & invoices and generating lease renewals. That way, your property managers can be more productive and focus on the bigger, more pressing tasks.

A Virtual Assistant is a cloud-based professional that works offshore from a dedicated workspace. They become a member of your team, however, they’re just not in your office! Below is a list of the various kinds of VAs that you can hire for your real estate business:

Outsourcing Vs. Insourcing: Cost Comparison

When we compare the cost of outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant with the cost of hiring an employee in Australia, outsourcing is quite evidently the more efficient and lucrative option. At Stafflink, we don’t just find you an employee, we have precise processes, systems, structures and workflow platforms in place which are designed specifically around the needs of your real estate business. As a result, each and every one of our candidates are guaranteed to improve productivity, increase efficiency and generate high levels of revenue for your company, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional employee.


As part of joining Stafflink, we roll out a full suite of processes that have been proven with over 50 business’ large and small across Australia. By using Stafflink’s proven model, you don’t have to waste time and resources training new staff members while also trying to figure out the processes to use as you go. Our wide range of Virtual Assistants are experienced and possess a variety of professional skill sets. This means that you don’t have to waste time and resources training new staff members. If you want your employee to progress over time, it is up to you as an employer to fund their professional development and training. However, at Stafflink we upgrade our candidates’ knowledge and capabilities in order to maintain their value in a competitive market.

If your goal is to run an efficient and successful real estate business with high ROI, then outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is likely to be a rewarding solution.

Stafflink’s mission is to help your business use its time in a way that is both cost-effective and geared towards company growth. If you’d like to know more about how Stafflink can help your real estate business fulfil its potential, contact us today using our online booking form.

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