Virtual Reality – What It Really Means to Have a Virtual Assistant

What It Really Means to Have a Virtual Assistant

In 2019, we’re very much living through the age of technology, and almost everything can be done digitally or online these days. Still, every now and again we’ll meet a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager who shudders just at the mention of outsourcing to a virtual assistant. We quickly realised that there are a lot of misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions out there about virtual assistants, so we’ve decided to set the record straight and dispel some myths that we’ve encountered when it comes to Virtual Assistants.

Myth: A Virtual Assistant will make mistakes and be inefficient because they aren’t trained properly and aren’t familiar with my specific business.

Reality: At Stafflink, we comprehensively train each of our Virtual Assistants in the programs, systems and processes used by the industry. When we roll out a task with your Stafflink team member, we ensure that it is in line with your existing office processes, or is a process that we’ve tried and tested with other companies using the same software. This means that the minute one of our candidates joins your team, they can effectively contribute and immediately begin working as a highly functioning team member. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ coaching program for our virtual assistants- each candidate is trained in a way that is tailored for the specific needs of your real estate or property management business.

Myth: I don’t want a virtual assistant because I’ll just end up getting a different person every other day or every other week.

Reality: When you opt to go with Stafflink you will select one Virtual Assistant who will work with your company every day. Our Virtual Assistants don’t work across a variety of assignments at once, so they are dedicated to your company for the duration of the contract and act as a member of your team.

Myth: A Virtual Assistant seems like they would be too hard to contact or communicate with. It would probably just be more hassle than it’s worth.

Reality: At Stafflink, all of our Virtual Assistants work fulltime and during your company’s regular business hours and they adapt to any changes like daylight savings. Your Virtual Assistant can be contacted at any time during your business hours via email, video chat, instant message and phone call, depending on your preferences.

Myth: A Virtual Assistant isn’t worth the money or investment. The company’s money would be better spent elsewhere.

Reality: Our Virtual Assistants have been proven to massively boost profits for our clients as well as reducing overall costs. In fact, we saved one of our clients over $500,000 in wage costs in just 10 months.

Myth: A Virtual Assistant can only help with random tasks, and they aren’t very reliable.

Reality: Our Virtual Assistants become fully integrated with your team and are a dedicated member of staff. In fact, some of our clients’ companies have benefited so much from a Virtual Assistant that they opt to bring a second Virtual Assistant on board. Our candidates aren’t just there for ‘odd jobs’ or to do ‘bits and pieces’, but they work consistently on daily tasks which your other staff members would otherwise have to spend time on.

At Stafflink, we are committed to helping your business and staff fulfil their full potential. Our services can boost your productivity levels, increase profits and reduce stress levels. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today!

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