Why outsourcing is a smart financial investment

Why outsourcing is a smart financial investment

Outsourcing can be applied to different processes throughout your business and can help with a variety of factors, most significantly from a financial perspective. Implementing outsourcing as a part of your business strategy can be a daunting process as many are unfamiliar with how to find a base of appropriately skilled, outsourced employees for their business. At Stafflink, we are specialists in providing you with the structure and organisation of virtual assistants in your team. Let’s take a look at how outsourcing can be your next best financial investment for your business.

The Return of Valuable Time

Outsourcing gives you the time back to get the important jobs done. Through utilising the service of a virtual assistant, you can retask any menial activities once done by your managerial staff to other, outsourced employees. This will help you to save both time and money, letting you get back to the big jobs that require attention. This increase in time for important activities means that you are able to complete these large jobs faster, making room for more large-scale and profitable tasks in the same amount of time.

Improved Prioritisation of Tasks

Through implementing outsourcing, you can better prioritise and reach your business goals faster. Little tasks that would absorb time in your day can be offset to your virtual assistant, allowing you to set out your day only to include important activities. The support of a team like Stafflink will help your real estate sales team to focus on and prioritise engaging with your clients and selling property rather than miscellaneous admin tasks that can be handed over to your support team member offshore. The use of Stafflink’s Airflow management system is an easy way for everybody to keep track of tasks, using triggers to keep workflow actions at a very efficient pace for everyone.

Overall Profitability

Outsourcing increases the profitability of all staff members through the betterment of time management and dispersion of tasks. Through alleviating the stresses of busywork in your office, there is more time to complete the big-ticket items. This was exemplified for a recent client of Stafflink, a large real estate agency in Melbourne, who came to us with the problem of being overwhelmed by their work, especially by tasks that were non-dollar and administrative in nature. Once they had employed their offshore team of virtual assistants, the real estate agency had saved over $505,000 in wages in just 10 months alone and increasing profitability margins like they had never seen before.

Stafflink is committed to helping you to begin outsourcing to accelerate your potential profits. Our services are designed with the property market in mind to help you to get ahead. If you are ready to begin your journey to improved customer satisfaction, office efficiency and profitability, contact us today.

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