Why STAFFLINK’S Learning Platform is Good for Your Business

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Offering your staff online training is a fantastic way of allowing them to refresh and keep up to date at times that are most convenient to them.

The age of technology has brought out the entrepreneur in many people. Suddenly there’s a new wave of business owners crashing the market and overcrowding our social media feeds.

The only problem is that most of those businesses are offering the same type of service just like everybody else, albeit with minor adjustments for the pricing.

This is a problem. What are you going to do to be the first option of the customer and maintain that competitive edge?

How are you going to separate your business from an overcrowded industry that offers the same thing as you?

How are you going to stand out?

Stand Out With STAFFLINK’s Learning Platform

Making excellent use of marketing strategies is a good way to go about your business but digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation takes time for results to really take effect. Investing in digital advertising isn’t exactly cheap either, and other businesses are starting to “invade” this type of solution as well.

One thing most businesses haven’t picked up is the opportunity to provide knowledge and teach a skill set.

Our training platform is a unique and practical solution that ensures your clients get their money’s worth. With STAFFLINK’s platform, you can create extensive training modules and workshops for your staff and offer exclusive learning opportunities for your client base.

Achieve the following with STAFFLINK’s learning platform:

  • Scalability – enables you to train staff faster and more efficiently
  • Cross learning – employees within the organisation can use this platform to teach and learn from each other.
  • Organise your resources – Provides ease of access to your training materials and processes. Makes it simpler for staff to use as a reference to help themselves.

If you’re interested to know more about our staff online training process, click here to get an in-depth look at how STAFFLINK trains your staff.

Flexible Course Customisation

STAFFLINK’s learning platform offers a plethora of functions and features so you can create your course your way. Couple that with its drag and drop feature to give you the ease of customisation and you have got yourself a platform that’s intuitive, encourages productivity and doesn’t require any technical expertise whatsoever.

Our user interface gives you a wide array of options to build your courses with ease. Add your own branding, insert quizzes in between slides, customise the look of the course so you can fully integrate it into your website, there’s third-party support with the use of Zapier and it can even support HTML and CSS so you can go deep into the design.

Check out some of our training courses

The Hub Training Course – Learn how to manage your business efficiently with this intuitive database spreadsheet software.

Marketing Strategy That Sells Itself

Publishing your online courses is an excellent marketing strategy as it provides your customers with long-term growth. A company that offers learning opportunities on top of the services it already provides is a good way to catch anyone’s attention.

It’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Let’s say you’re an owner of a real estate company and your property managers need admin support. You hire a virtual assistant to lighten their load, but they still need training. That can mean time and money you can’t afford.

Here’s how digital marketing can help your real estate business.

With our learning platform, you can cover all of the necessary training your staff will need to become fully immersed industry experts. You can even automate the training process in a way that requires minimal supervision.

At STAFFLINK, we want our clients to be seen as a company that wants its customers to succeed.

The Online Hub for Your Business

Customer engagement is one of the key factors of acquiring new customers and retaining your current ones. Now that more and more people are using Facebook, customer service has been a hot commodity especially in real estate, so make sure you respond to inquiries and issues promptly and positively.

You can also create different avenues of communication like publishing blog articles, posting relevant and engaging social media content, interacting with them through direct messaging, or simply catching up with their experience through surveys.

One thing a customer appreciates is when their voice is being heard. So keep your lines open for their feedback.

Our training platform is excellent for expanding your business. It can empower your clients and their staff with knowledge. We can provide you with all the tools to train your staff efficiently to add value to your investment.

It’s a simple online staff training tool to take your business to the next level and above your vertical.

Is our learning platform for you? Find out by scheduling a free consultation with us!

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