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Airtable Training Course: How The Right Management System Improves Your Business

Learn Airtable – Better Workflow Management For Businesses
30 March 2020 Stafflink


One of the key factors of any business is transparency and accountability. This is especially true with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it forces many businesses to work from home. What was once a tap on the shoulder to discuss a task, or a walk to your manager’s office to ask for some clarity, is now all very different. Now we are forced to work in the cloud.

If you are having a hard time working in the cloud, then consider this free Airtable training course from STAFFLINK.

Airtable is Stafflink’s go-to workflow management software, with flexible and collaborative features uncommon to other organisational programs, this tool can help you manage teams and complete your property management and sales workflows.

What’s In This Course?

Getting Started in Airtable

Data Types and Formulas

Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Your Data

Mastering Views

This course is designed for anyone who has a base level understanding of the platform and is looking to sharpen their skills by learning about Airtable’s many useful features.

Working with your team in the cloud can be made simple, seamless, and transparent. Access your free Airtable Training Course by clicking the button below.