2020 Stafflink Events

2020 Stafflink Events

An important factor in a successful business is knowledge. Our team are always exploring new ways to share knowledge and with a jam-packed year of events ahead of us, we can’t wait for you to join us in expanding your skill-set and broadening your knowledge.

Read on to find a breakdown of our events this year, starting with the Philippines Tour which gives our existing and potential clients a behind-the-scenes look into what their Stafflink team members do for them.

Stafflink Philippines Tour

Coming up next month, our tour of the Stafflink Philippines Headquarters will give our existing and potential clients a real insight into how Stafflink actually works. This unique opportunity means that our staff in the Philippines can also meet the team they are working with in person. This is your ideal chance to learn the processes of your Stafflink team member and get to know them face-to-face. Check out the highlights of our tour last year, and join us for another amazing tour later this year.

Stafflink Annual Conference

Stafflink’s Annual Conference is a highlight of our year. Join us for an exciting two days full of networking with like-minded real estate professionals. Get motivated and energise your team to reach your goals and surpass what you think your potential is. At the conference, key topics will focus on property management and real estate sales, operations, leadership and outsourcing. We will be announcing our big-name keynote speakers soon, so keep an eye out!

Stafflink Workshops

Have you been wanting to increase your knowledge and build on your skill-set? Our Stafflink workshops are designed so that the topic is decided upon by the attendees on the day. This means the workshops are tailored to your specific needs and requests and you’ll leave with exactly what you hoped to gain from attending the workshop.

As the topics vary, we explore a vast range of topics and hurdles that professionals in real estate are challenged with and help you discover the best ways to overcome these or new skills that will result in a more productive and successful business.

These workshops are spread across the country and are attended by agents, property managers, and real estate professionals. To make sure you’ve got a spot next time, register your interest in our workshops later this year.

This year is a busy one for the team at Stafflink, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love sharing information and knowledge with our peers and we welcome everyone to join us at our events this year. We’ve seen many partnerships and ideas come to fruition at our events, so what’s stopping you from being next?