What’s holding your Sales Agents back? And what you can do about it?

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What’s holding your Sales Agents back? And what you can do about it?

What’s the biggest challenge holding your Sales Agents back from achieving their maximum potential?

A tough market? Not enough sales training courses? Not having visible ankles?


In our opinion, after interviewing dozens of Sales Agents around the country, the biggest thing holding them back is none of these things.

The biggest blockage to achieving their maximum potential is the amount of time they have to spend in the office completing and following up on admin.

In other words, a lack of Sales Agent support.



The importance of Agent support

A Sales Agent is a bit like a Formula 1 driver, while they are the most visible and well-known member of their team and are actually responsible for getting over the finish line.

They also need the support of a pit crew to be successful. Lewis Hamilton doesn’t change his own tyres or refill his own tank.


Just like a Formula 1 driver wouldn’t be successful without their pit crew, a Sales Agent needs to have a professional, and efficient team behind the scenes to ensure that they spend their time doing what they do best, and selling as many properties as possible.

They need to have trust that they can send work across (usually forms and other contracts) and have it come back to them in an accurate and timely manner.


In our experience, and after talking to more than 50 agents from all across Australia, what we are seeing is an inconsistent process to send work across, and so it is little surprise that we are seeing inconsistent results.



Is this really a big problem?

In one word, yes! Especially when you consider how competitive and cutthroat the real estate market is right now.

Agents need to be maximising the amount of time they spend on dollar-productive activities, not spending time and energy chasing up after admin.


Consider these statistics, in Real Estate, 48% of buyer inquiries were never responded to.

This seems like an incredible fact, after all what could be more important than responding to future clients?

Especially when you consider that if you’re not responding to leads within 5 minutes your chances of converting that lead will decrease by 400%.


This really underlines the importance of allowing your agents to focus 100% on selling.

Imagine if your Sales Agents had the time, tools, and admin support so that they could respond to every single seller and buyer inquiry that came their way.


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What are they doing instead of this?

Sales Agents are people people. Their unique blend of charisma, communication skills, and ability to build rapport is often behind what makes the best agents excel.

They’re the lifeblood of your business, great at forging connections with clients and closing deals.

Sales Agents are also natural communicators.

They thrive on conversations and building relationships, often making it their primary motivation for entering this rewarding profession.


But are they admin experts? Without wanting to tar a whole profession with the same brush, not so much.

To be fair, the skill sets required for agents and admin staff are completely different.


Many struggle with the administrative part of their jobs. It may not be that they are ‘unable’ to do it well, it’s just that they want to spend as much time as possible doing what they do best. This is understandable, but neglecting the admin often leads to major headaches down the road.



What has STAFFLINK built to fix this issue?

STAFFLINK have created and rolled out The Agency Hub in more than 200+ sales businesses around the country.

Supporting your sales team’s success doesn’t always require a complex strategy.

Sometimes, the most impactful changes are the simplest.

STAFFLINK’s Agency Hub offers an elegant solution to empower your Sales Agents, transforming their daily workflow and allowing them to focus on what they do best: selling properties.


The standout feature of STAFFLINK’s Agency Hub is its ability to simplify the process of requesting forms.

With a simple click, Sales Agents can request necessary forms from anywhere in the world.


By providing a centralised platform for form requests, STAFFLINK’s Agency Hub eliminates counter-productive communication bottlenecks between sales teams and admin staff.

Gone are the days of hunting for missing information or wading through lengthy email threads.

This tech solution promotes clear, efficient collaboration.


Thanks to this innovative platform, Sales Agents can submit a form request and receive a response at an unprecedented speed.

Time is a precious commodity in the Real Estate industry, and STAFFLINK’s Agency Hub is here to maximize it.


sales agent support



What makes The Agency Hub unique?

The perfect place to help your team succeed.

With the Agency Hub you can centralise your unique business tools, eliminating the need for scattered bookmarks and endless email threads.

No more wasted time searching for the right tool or form. Empower your team to work smarter by giving them quick and easy access to their department’s technology and forms, all in one simplified and compact stack.

  • centralised platform for tech stack and form requests
  • courses for upskilling and onboarding
  • goals feature to set short-term and long-term targets, with 100% visibility over progress

Basically, when you empower your agents with the Agency Hub, it’s like giving them their own personal assistant in their pocket.


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Case Study: Sales Agent support in a business that uses the Agency Hub

We asked Chris, a Real Estate Agent in Brisbane, what it was like working in a business that is supported by STAFFLINK.

Chris has worked at many different businesses and has experienced many different operating systems.

In his opinion, his current Real Estate Agent support is the best he has experienced in his career.


Chris, in your opinion, what are the main benefits of using the STAFFLINK operating system?
“The main benefit is that everything is in one place. Before, I had to go to like 6 or 7 different sites to get stuff done.

You know, you sort of have to remember how to get to the backend of realestate.com, if you had a listing that needed fixing.

You had to remember too much and you had to do everything manually.

So for example, if I wanted to go to a listing presentation, I’d book the appointment.

I would have to make sure I confirm with the owner beforehand.
If I want to send any information, I’d have to get something custom drawn up and send it through them some custom way, like I’d have to write an email to them.

We could never send it via text. So that initial confirmation or sending out information was really, really s****.”


What about now, how does that exact process work?
So now I can literally just book an appointment and click send a pre-list, and then it gets sent for me within a few minutes.

So instead of me bumbling around and finding all this other stuff, I just have to fill out that form.

And it gets straight straight to the owner. And it’s really important to be quick as a Sales Agent.

You’ve got to be quicker than the other agent out there because you’re always up against someone.


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What would generally happen next in that process, previously and now that you’re working with the STAFFLINK Sales Hub?
“Well once you put the appointment, you’ve got to get paperwork ready and whatnot.

So you’ve got to log into real works or ADL forms to make your form sixes.

Realworks is more common, but you’ve got to go find the template, you’ve got to go to RP data, find all the personal information, and fill out the form.

It’s a pain in the a**! Or you had to print one out and write it, which is even worse.”


And how does that compare to what happens now?
“Well now instead I can literally just click form six and it gets done for me.

Or if you have Pitch, you can do it on the fly with the client, which saves you probably about half an hour of your life.
And the best part is because it’s done by someone else, you’re not super stressed.

You won’t make mistakes because you always make mistakes and Sales Agents make so many mistakes with their forms.
Yeah, so book the appointment,

I’ve done the paperwork and because I don’t have to do a CMA, I can just walk into the appointment.

Now I can send potential clients a full proposal in less time than it used to take me to prepare and send them a CMA.

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