5 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do To Help You Win Your Next Listing

Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do To Help You Win Your Next Listing

Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do To Help You Win Your Next Listing.

A day in the life of a real estate business owner can get pretty hectic. Tasks like preparing new listings for launch, dealing with tenant and buyer enquiries, and managing staff will already take up the whole day; all before you’ve even had time to prospect for new listings. Outsourcing can help you unpack some of the time-consuming tasks from your bag so you can make room to focus on what you do best – list and sell.

An outsourced Virtual Assistant can start producing results right away. Not only can an outsourced VA bring you a broader space to work and focus on your other tasks, but an outsourced VA is also extremely affordable and time-efficient as well. Let’s find out how a virtual assistant can help you win your next listing.

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1. Create and publish Facebook ads for lead generation

Creating an ad on Facebook is one of the simplest and best methods to reach out to potential home buyers. Unlike traditional advertising, social media advertising can provide you with real-time insights so you can view the progress and effectiveness of your ads.

Another unique feature of social media ads is the option to create your audience profile. This lets you target specific groups of people through their age, gender, location and even consumer activity.

An outsourced virtual assistant will be able to help you with marketing your listings through social media and create reports based on their findings.

2. Create a call list/letter mail merge around a recently listed or sold properties in your area

Your outsourced VA will prepare a call list or letter that will be sent to your clients as a way of updating them about the properties that have been sold in their area. This letter will contain the current market situation, the properties that are currently listed for sale, and how the sold properties have affected the prices.

3. Clean up your existing database and find opportunities

Your prospecting opportunities rely heavily on your data being maintained regularly. It’s a never-ending task that can make for a much more efficient workday and keep you well informed about your contacts. Your virtual assistant can do this by cross-referencing previously appraised properties with RPData to find ones that have already been sold but not yet updated in your database.

For properties that haven’t been transacted with, your VA can check if there is a task or trail set for a follow-up, and then add if there isn’t one.

4. Create your proposal document

Whether you’re writing a proposal to close deals with potential clients or reaching out to the government to apply for housing or real estate improvement projects, an outsourced VA can help you communicate your needs professionally and courteously.

For your part, just provide the necessary details you would like to see in the letter and let your VA construct it for you.

5. Create your sales authority document and send for electronic signing

A sales authority document is a contract that lets the owner of a property give permission to the real estate agency to take over all sales-related activities. This includes but is not limited to marketing, letting, and commission for all agents involved.

An outsourced VA can help you create a detailed legally binding document which they will then send to the owner for authorisation.

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