6 Key Signs Your Office is Unproductive and Needs Help

Signs Your Office is Unproductive

An unproductive workplace will obviously affect a real estate agency’s bottom line. If staff are not effective in their roles, there’s a big chance that some tasks are falling through the cracks while others aren’t being performed to an appropriate standard. As a result, client satisfaction and annual turnover take a hit. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, here are 6 key signs your office is unproductive (and what you can do about it)…

In general, there are 6 key indicators of inefficient work. Any manager, no matter the industry, should be able to answer these six questions if they’re effectively managing their team:

  1. Who is working on what?
  2. Are the projects prioritised correctly?
  3. Do employees have access to the resources they need?
  4. Do employees have access to the information they need?
  5. How are the projects progressing?
  6. Will the projects be completed on time?

Sounds easy right? WRONG.

Unfortunately, most managers would find it extremely difficult to answer these questions accurately, and without answers, it’s hard for directors to justify resources. This has a trickle-down effect, as managers are not able to prioritise or plan efficiently, which means that workers are not able to be as productive or creative as they could be. Managers then struggle to get the data they need because of the majority of work that needs to be completed, isn’t. Instead, a large amount of the average employee’s day is spent on unproductive tasks like:

  • Trying to contact partners, colleagues, or customers to find information or schedule meetings
  • Duplicating information that already exists (forwarding emails and phone calls) and managing unwanted communications

This means that a large portion of an average worker’s time ends up being unproductive and it really isn’t because of them. This wasted time is a result of poor work processes and can often be overcome with perceptiveness from managers and reformed workplace policies. With the correct procedures in place, as well as utilising offshore outsourcing, managers can avoid:

  • Customer complaints about property management staff
  • Stressed, unproductive or overwhelmed employees
  • Lack of visibility of employee output
  • Unnecessary compensation to customers due to errors or oversights

As a successful business owner, your primary focuses should be on providing exceptional customer service, making profits and improving your ROI with regards to your employees. Stafflink gives busy real estate businesses the opportunity to utilise their time more effectively to grow their sales and property management divisions, as well as manage their staff more effectively. Inefficiencies are something that Stafflink despise, which is why we are committing to transforming your business into a productive machine which gets the job done quickly, and effectively, utilising offshore personal assistants in the Philippines.

If you’d like to know more about how Stafflink can help your real estate business yield a higher ROI, free up more time in your day and help your onsite staff reach their full potential, contact us today using our online booking form, found here.

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