How much does a real estate agency website cost?

how much does a real estate agency website cost

How much does a real estate agency website cost?

Despite the fact that most websites in the industry share a lot of similarities, the cost of building a real estate agency website is different every single time.

In this post, we’ll outline some reasons why these costs fluctuate, help you understand which pricing point is right for your agency, and set you on your way for your next real estate website quote.

Development time can vary based on the design process, the CRM you use, the integrations required, and the content that you have available for publishing.

The first thing to think about when you’re in the market for a new website is the overall purpose; why do you want a new website and what will it do for you?

So, how much does a real estate agency website cost?

Solution 1: Everyone has a website, so I need one too. My business needs a website that looks good, but it isn’t that important to us and we won’t spend much on marketing.

  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Pages for services & team
  • Property listings
  • Basic contact forms

1-2 Integrations required:

  • Property feed from CRM
  • Basic analytics & reporting

Price Estimate: $8,000-$15,000

Solution 2: I would like our website to grow our online presence and start generating leads.

  • Custom responsive design that fits digital style guide
  • Property listings
  • Team page
  • Individual team profiles
  • Custom contact forms to distribute leads
  • Optimised website for search engine performance in your core market

3-5 Integrations required:

  • Property feed from CRM
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Facebook pixel for marketing purposes
  • Custom forms to send leads to various contacts based on enquiry type

Price Estimate: $15,000-$25,000

Solution 3: I want a website that represents our brand, makes us stand out as an industry leader and allows us to run effective online marketing and lead generation campaigns.

  • A custom build that is unique to your brand, with templates created specifically for your company and a digital style guide
  • Advanced analytics, reporting and tracking to ensure effective marketing campaigns can be run and analysed on the website
  • Custom team profiles that can be used as standalone landing pages for agent marketing/promotional purposes
  • Lead generation built out e.g. sales or property management landing pages with unique forms and content
  • Instant property appraisal functionality with data collection and lead flow
  • Latest reviews pulled in for verified third-party sources such as RateMyAgent

6+ Integrations required:

  • Property feed from CRM
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Facebook pixel
  • Custom forms
  • Custom team member profiles with RateMyAgent feed
  • Digital Property Appraisal page with third party API (requires an external subscription & API access)

Price Estimate: POA (based on requirements & build time) Please contact the team at STAFFLINK for a real estate website quote.

Not sure which of these solutions apply to you?

If you aren’t sure which is the right way for your agency, the following questions are a great starting point to understand what your site needs to have upon launch:

  • What do you like and dislike about your current website?
  • Do you have admin access to your current website or is it restricted?
  • Are there any websites that you’re impressed by, and why?
  • Do you have brand guidelines or a digital style guide?
  • What are the goals for your new website? Generate leads/create a presence for agents/have a place to point your own marketing to
  • What CRM are you currently using?
  • Do you have any plans to change CRM?
  • Does your CRM feed listings to your website as well as listing portals?
  • Where should leads/enquiries be sent from the website? A generic office email or individual team members?
  • What would you like to offer potential sellers on the website? An instant digital appraisal/a digital appraisal request form/no digital appraisal functionality (choose one option)
  • Do you collect reviews on RateMyAgent? Would you like to display them automatically on the website?

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