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Image Property Website Case Study

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In 2020, STAFFLINK partnered with Image Property to undertake the immense task of rebranding and transforming their company. With a rapidly growing sales team and increasing influence on the Real Estate space, Image Property needed a high-quality website, with aesthetic appeal and the functionality to match.

8.7 Sec
Faster Speed Index
Broken links fixed
More monthly visitors
More enquiries

Stafflink was engaged to provide:

  • A visually appealing website with a strong User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) across both desktop and mobile, with a clear user journey from start to finish
  • Lightning-fast speeds regardless of the number of viewers, across all device and connection types
  • Transfer of data from property listening and external resources to keep the website content completely up to date
  • Cleaning up an enormous number of pages and old listings to improve the performance (for both the user and search engines)
  • High-quality pages for each sales agent and property manager, including information relevant to them and usable for their own marketing purposes

Our goal was to increase the usability, performance, and overall aesthetic of their website and digital footprint. The website needed to represent the high standards of the company and team.


Key Results:

The Stafflink website development team used first-class technology, lightweight components, and servers setup for large scale websites to generate test scores that showed massive improvements across the board, including:

  • Health Score measures the percentage of URLs on the site with no errors
  • Speed Index measures how long it takes for your website to visibly display all of the content on the page correctly
  • Largest Content measures the load time for the largest piece of content to completely appear and become interactive on the page

Old Website

New Website

Website Health



First Content

7.0 seconds

0.9 seconds

Speed Index

10.7 seconds

2.0 seconds

Largest Content

23.8 seconds

1.4 seconds

Time to Interactive

25.6 seconds

0.9 seconds

Broken Links



*Performance tests were run and verified by Google Lighthouse, which analyses the performance through a variety of metrics when visiting and loading web pages. 

Client Reviews

Nothing they can’t do!

As the Operations Manager in Property Management with 7 offices in Melbourne, it was one of our best choices to engage with STAFFLINK for our administrative & in house needs.

I find the people at STAFFLINK are intelligent and polite. There has been nothing that I have requested that could not be done.

I highly recommend STAFFLINK

Utilising the assistance and services of STAFFLINK has enabled our property management department to excel and exceed. I would highly recommend STAFFLINK to any agency looking to amp up their business and take it to the next level.

Helping us stay ahead

After dealing with a previous outsourcing company and not having a great experience, I can highly recommend STAFFLINK. Their ongoing support is second to none and they are always keeping us informed of new processes and programs so that we stay ahead of our competitors.

I highly recommend their services

STAFFLINK is a massive asset to any business, making everyday tasks so much easier! I highly recommend their services if you want to streamline your processes, and be one step ahead of your competitors at all times!