Image Property Website Case Study

Image Property Website Case Study

-9.6 Second

Second Speed Increase



Jump in unique visitors



Overall Performance Increase



Goal Completions

Website URL:

Design & Development Time: 8 Weeks


Project brief:

2020 was a year full of ups and downs, unexpected changes, and challenging situations for people and businesses on a global scale. On top of everything that happened, Image Property embarked on the enormous task of rebranding and transforming their company, something that is a big decision and a huge task at the best of times.

With a rapidly growing sales team and influence on the Real Estate space, the efforts that have gone into the company marketing set the foundations for the biggest challenge in any online presence; a high-quality website that not only looks great but has the functionality to match.

Image Property set some big targets for this this project; with the goal of increasing the usability, performance, and overall aesthetic of their website and digital footprint. They also wanted the website to represent the high standards of the company and each team member.

The challenge:

There’s going to be cosmetic upgrades to any website that has been up and running for a few years, and the design of the new Image Property site was something that became crucial in this process. Creating a website that offers strong UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) across both desktop and mobile, while also providing a clear user journey from start to finish was the key objective in the creative process.

From a performance standpoint, the old website was beginning to slow down and struggle to keep up with the demands of increased traffic and activity. The new website would be required to offer lightning-fast speeds regardless of the number of viewers, across all device and connection types. This included the transferring of data from the property listings and external resources to keep the website content completely up to date.

As websites grow over time, there’s always maintenance work and tidying up required, and as such the Image Property site had an enormous number of pages and old listings being displayed on site. Cleaning this up and improving the performance (for both the user and search engines) was of the utmost importance.

The final challenge put to the STAFFLINK team was to create high-quality pages for each sales agent and property manager at Image Property. These pages would need to display information relevant to that team member, and also be usable for their own marketing purposes.


The result: 


Key figures:

Performance: The page performance increase between the old and new website is staggering. By using first-class technology, lightweight components, and servers setup for large scale websites, test scores showed massive improvements across the board.

*Performance tests were run and verified by Google Lighthouse, which analyses the performance through a variety of metrics when visiting and loading web pages. 

Health Score (the percentage of URLs on the site with no errors):
Old website: 1/100
New website: 99/100

Speed Index (How long it takes for your website to visibly display all of the content on the page correctly):
Old website: 10.7 seconds
New website: 1.1 seconds

Largest Content (Load time for the largest piece of content to completely appear and become interactive on the page):
Old website: 23.8 seconds
New website: 1.3 seconds