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onedash 3.0

OneDash 3.0 Available Now: Keeping your staff on top of their work at all times.

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What is OneDash?

Essentially OneDash exists to make life easier for all real estate professionals, from sales agents, admin, property managers, and also heads of department.

No longer will they have to waste time switching back and forth between tech stacks, every task they need to do, all the information they require to excel at their jobs is right there in OneDash.

OneDash is compatible with Sales & Property Management Airtable bases built by STAFFLINK, and provides visibility across all key items from the base in one easy to digest interface.

Items within the OneDash screen can be actioned with ease, meaning all important tasks can be accessed and updated from one central location.

There are various ways of displaying data (counters, graphs, tables) within OneDash, and as such it can help transform the way your Admins, Property Managers, Sales Team, Head of Departments, or Business Owners work on a day to day basis.

The extension is a custom app built and maintained by STAFFLINK and is not available in the Airtable app library.


What’s New in OneDash 3.0?

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  • Build a dashboard once, and then filter which staff it is looking at to see their metrics rather than creating individual views and dashboards
  • Action records directly within the dashboard – no more switching back and forth between tables
  • Filter by colour to prioritise work/add alerts
  • Additional flexibility allowing users to add items and change layouts
  • Dashboards can now be built and copied to other bases

Existing OneDash users on previous versions with be migrated to 3.0 in the coming weeks.


What can OneDash do for you?

“What used to take hours now takes less than 60 seconds. I can now get a full understanding of what’s happening in my business without needing to look in multiple places.” – Corinne Bohan, Director at Image Property.

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