People of STAFFLINK with Ainsley Driver (McGrath Bundaberg)

people of stafflink with ainsley driver

People of STAFFLINK with Ainsley Driver

In this episode of the People of STAFFLINK, host Lee Woodward talks to Ainsley Driver, Principal/Owner with McGrath Real Estate Bundaberg.

Ainsley is not only a successful sales agent and licensed auctioneer with 20 years experience, but he is also a qualified electrician.

Despite his impressive skill set, Ainsley comes across as extremely humble, and dedicated to constant professional self-development.

To give you a sense of the man, Ainsley claims that one of his proudest achievements was successfully selling a home for an older couple prior to the bank taking possession of it.

This story speaks volumes about his motivations, and commitment to use his skillset to be of service to his local community.

For the past 5 years, Ainsley has partnered with STAFFLINK and has seen a significant improvement to his business as a result, including a massive reduction in his wage costs and improvement in staff morale.

Topics discussed:

In this interview, Ainsley chats with host Lee Woodward about:

  • His defining moment when he knew he had to make major changes to his business
  • Transitioning from a “traditional” people-driven real estate business to a process-driven one
  • How he got his team to buy-in to the major business restructuring plans.
  • How he managed to reduce his wages bill by 20%

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