Reduce labour costs, improve your customer experience and get more done

Reduce labour costs, improve your customer experience and get more done

As a busy and successful real estate business, you are no doubt struggling to find hours in the day to grow your Sales and Property Management divisions. Outsourcing with Stafflink can provide the help you need.

Stafflink is the real estate industry’s trusted next-generation outsourcing partner. We assist numerous independent and franchised real estate businesses improve their core efficiency, expand capabilities and remove the roadblocks that impede business growth.

We’re enabling forward-thinking real estate businesses to be agile and better positioned to quickly and respond and adapt to new market opportunities and to harden their businesses against property market downturns.

Stafflink provides highly skilled, well-trained support staff who can reduce your labour costs by up to 60%. But even more important than the money is the time you save. By outsourcing the low-value, repetitive tasks that consume much of your key staff’s time, you allow them to focus on more important tasks, like growing your business.

Stafflink helps real estate businesses optimise their competitive edge and reduce their running costs while growing both their Property Sales and Property Management divisions. Real estate businesses utilising Stafflink’s training can redirect much-needed funds into customer-facing & income producing roles, which will in turn, grow their Sales and Property Management divisions.

Do more for less. Save money and time

Reduce labour costs, improve your customer experience and get more done | Stafflink | Real Estate Offshore Outsourcing

Sharing the back-office workload with Stafflinkers makes your onshore team more efficient and effective in their day. There’s more time to engage with clients and focus on revenue-generating activities.

Improve your brand presence

Your Stafflink marketing assistants can manage your web portal listings as well as assist with the creation of DM mailers, newsletters, flyers and magazines.

Have a higher performing sales team

Your sales team members can be better prepared for vendor presentations when your Stafflink Admin Assistant is helping to prepare property reports, market research and CMAs.

Grow your rent roll and profitability

Reduce labour costs, improve your customer experience and get more done | Stafflink | Real Estate Offshore Outsourcing

Optimise the costs of running your rent roll with Stafflinkers helping you with leasing, inspections, property marketing and trust accounting teams supporting you. We give your local Property Management team the time they need to focus their energy on providing world-class service.

Property Management Division

We’re helping Property Management divisions grow their rent rolls by providing:

  • Leasing support
  • Inspection support
  • Marketing support
  • Accounts support

Property Sales Division

We’re helping Sales Agents sell more by providing:

  • Admin support
  • Marketing support
  • Accounts support

Leasing Support

  • Send entry notices to current tenants
  • Send entry notices via email, post and SMS
  • Ensuring 24-hour notice periods
  • Send marketing emails to landlords
  • Ordering signboards
  • Application processing
  • Answer general enquiries about listings
  • Make outbound calls to prospective tenants
  • Generate lease renewal docs and check for accuracy
  • Sending procedural and retractable notices
  • Send a copy of the lease to owner and tenant
  • Add rent amount in software
  • Clears vacancy dates in software
  • Adds lease date details in software
  • Processes work orders for smoke alarms and blind compliance
  • Follow up smoke alarm certificates
  • Attaches smoke alarm compliance certificates

Routine Inspection Support

  • Create and set up contact and property files
  • Enter new business for property managers in both Property Management System and CRM, ensuring data is updated and recorded correctly
  • Email clients regarding Property Managers contact information
  • Respond to general tenant enquiries
  • Adjust and reschedule runs
  • Books all runs in the Inspection planner
  • Send out entry notice documents to tenants
  • Schedules CRM and calendar invites

Sales Marketing Support

  • Orders and prepares brochures
  • Orders and prepares of just listed cards, signboards, rental cards and window cards
  • Add agency logo watermarks to listing photos
  • Ordering floor plan drawings
  • Contact buyers and sellers seeking testimonials

Listings Support

  • Enter listings into CRM
  • Adds photos / attributes / price
  • Adds Open For Inspection times
  • Adds Auction times
  • Conducts quality assurance on the listing before submission
  • Touch up photos
  • Uploads to various listing portals from CRM
  • Carries out price adjustments
  • Modifying inspection time
  • Updating sales advice

Administration Support

  • Prepare agency agreements
  • Sending contracts to solicitors
  • Create lease contracts for Property Managers
  • Create Contract of Sale for Sales agents
  • Performs Certificate of Title Searches

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