Improve Your Business Process by Outsourcing Your Routine Inspections Process

Outsource Your Routine Inspection Process

Ensure that the properties you manage are in excellent condition

Routine Inspections are an excellent tool to ensure the property is being cared for in line with our expectations and to assess any possible maintenance and/or health and safety issues.

They are a vital part of the Owner/Property Manager relationship as they ensure the line of open and honest communication. This touch point allows the Property Manager to educate their owner not only in respect to how the property is being maintained by the tenant but also possible improvements/issues that may require attention in the future to keep the property in line with the rest of the market.

Part of the role of a Property Manager is to schedule multiple inspections per year and once the Routine Inspection is completed provide a comprehensive report to the Owner and then from there addressing any issues to ensure a timely resolution (e.g. organising the appropriate Tradespeople).

With the amount of time and effort required to ensure this is done in accordance with best practice, how do you do all these tasks and still make time to accomplish all the paperwork that comes after the dust has settled?

It’s simple really. You give the paperwork to us.

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Lessen your workload by giving STAFFLINK your routine inspections tasks


Time spent per month inspecting 50 properties

Export unscheduled inspections from PM system
5-10 minutes

Stafflinker to carry out an audit within the PM system and filter unscheduled inspections for the month. The report for routine inspections will be exported on the 15th of each month.

Sort into appropriate number of runs for the upcoming weeks
3 minutes for each property | 50 properties = 2.5 hours

Organise each property inspection in the next couple of weeks. This also includes mapping the properties to the preference of the agency. e.g. farthest to closest to the office, how many properties per day, when and what time inspections will be conducted, etc.

Send to PM/Onshore team for confirmation
1-2 minutes

Stafflinker to advise PM that routine inspection runs have been planned and ready to be confirmed.

Check date to be booked and update status to confirm
Property Manager
3 minutes each property | 50 properties = 2.5 hours

PM to review and confirm plotted properties and dates. This also includes adding notes to properties that need to be rescheduled.

Update inspection order and schedule in PM system
3 minutes each property | 50 properties = 2.5 hours

Once the PM confirms inspections, Stafflinker to schedule each run in your chosen Property Management software.

Schedule in PM’s calendar
3 minutes each property | 50 properties = 2.5 hours

Schedule the inspections in the Property Manager’s calendar.

Send entry notice
1-2 minutes each property | 50 properties = 1.6 hours

Send Entry Notices and inspection schedule within the required timeframe to the tenant via email and SMS.

Complete routine audit(confirm with photos and tag senior PM in routines flagged with issues
Property Manager
1 minute for each property | 50 properties = 50 minutes

Accomplish the routine audits. Confirm each one with photos and tag the Senior Property Manager on the ones that are flagged with issues.

Complete routine. Update status and notes
Assistant Property Manager
2 minutes for each property | 50 properties = 1.6 hours

Complete the routine by updating the status of each property with input the notes of each property should the situation call for it.

Call owner to discuss routine
Property Manager
3-5 minutes for each property | 50 properties = 4.16 hours

Call the owner of the property to discuss routines, issues, etc.

Send routine to owner via portal
Property Manager
2 minutes for each property | 50 properties = 1.6 hours

Once discussed, you may send the Routine Report to the owner via portal.

Leave it to STAFFLINK, We’ll Take It From Here

STAFFLINK can help you accomplish the time consuming, administrative portion of the routine inspection task.

Our fully-trained staff will support your organisation by taking over your day-to-day activities so you can keep the wheel turning while you focus on improving the lives of your clients.

This routine inspections workflow is designed to save you valuable time and to maximise staff efficiency.

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