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Safeguard your Business with our Online Solutions

Safeguard your Business with our Online Solutions
15 July 2020 Stafflink

Do restrictions stop you running your business effectively?

In these uncertain times, there’s a lot of doubt surrounding upcoming work and how client interaction will be able to take place.

If your business requires meetings with clients, presentations of properties/facilities, training or even courses/exams, making your services available online will allow you to have a stronger degree of certainty and continue with normality.

Some parts of Australia have returned to lockdown for a second time, and this has created panic for a large number of businesses who weren’t prepared for limited contact with clients and the limitations of working remotely.

Here’s our guide to improving your online presence:

Is your website up to date and user friendly?

Take a look at your website on your computer and mobile device, then compare it to some businesses you enjoy dealing with. If you feel that the experience offered to your clients isn’t as smooth and effective as if it could be, it may be time to update your website. If the website isn’t responsive and easy to navigate from a mobile device, this may be the time to invest in a new website.

It’s important to remember that most websites need to be refreshed or updated every few years, with the constantly evolving user expectation and trending designs never standing still.

Is your Social Media worth looking at?

A large part of the general public will take a look at businesses on Facebook or Instagram to form an opinion about who they are dealing with. It’s important to establish your brand’s voice, style, and overall look and feel. If you haven’t posted any content in the past couple of years and lack an identity on social media, this is the perfect time to kick start your activity and really show what it is you have to offer.

Can you present your services if there are limitations on travel or gatherings?

This is a hot topic and something that a few select businesses really took advantage of during the first lockdown in Australia.

Our go to example is in the Real Estate industry. Agents who hold regular Open Homes found it extremely difficult to arrange property viewings, with many resorting to Facebook Live videos to conduct Virtual Open Homes.

Using a service such as Virtual Tours Creator allows you to run this service in a much more professional manner, with up to date technology making it easy to film professional video without the need for a videographer. If a client is watching a shaky video with low sound quality on Facebook Live, you’re probably doing yourself a disservice despite making a genuine effort.

We’ve previously spoken about virtual tours and what’s involved, click here to read about it.

Can you run Online Training or Courses?

If you rely on one-on-one sessions or classroom learning, why not take the first steps to making your programs available online?

Many businesses have found their users actually prefer the option of learning from home during times that suit them, and at Stafflink we have created the perfect online platform that allows you to manage your programs remotely and with great ease.

This platform allows for conditional logic, unlockable courses based on ongoing achievements, and online billings (subscription based or one time payments). The platform can even replace your business website to make things even easier to maintain!

Your Online Presence Checklist

 Up to date website that is mobile-friendly

 Fast website load time making it accessible for users with a slow connection

 Your business is easy to find on Google

 You have a Facebook Business Page setup with regular content

 Services or Meetings can be conducted online

If you need guidance on any of these topics, or want a professional team to create/manage them for you, Stafflink has the skills to get your Business online!

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