STAFFLINK Conference 2022 Review

stafflink conference 2022 review

STAFFLINK Conference 2022 Review: The highlights from an incredible weekend!

We are still buzzing from the incredible STAFFLINK Conference at the fantastic JW Marriott on the Gold Coast.

We felt truly privileged to have been able to host and share with you some of the most innovative thought leaders in business today.

At STAFFLINK, our mission is ‘be the guide’ and we are sure that there can be no better guides than the amazing speakers who shared their knowledge and wisdom over the two days.

We left the conference inspired and excited. Inspired by the sense of collaboration and community we feel with our partners, and excited by the knowledge that when we work together, we can flip the script on what is possible. When we share our innovations we all get stronger.

Remember, collaboration = multiplication.

There were so many diverse talks and great moments throughout the two days. But for their differences, there was one uniting theme. Each speaker gave insights into the mindset and strategies that are required to be truly successful in your chosen fields.

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Keynote Speakers

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John McGrath (McGrath Real Estate) told us the story of his rise from a particularly non-high achieving student to one of Australia’s prominent realtors through his approach to building relationships.

Lee Woodward not only hosted the event, but also delivered his own exceptional keynote that highlighted the importance of having the right sequence of workflow, whether your are a PM business or a Sales agent. His speech demonstrated the commonalities between the two processes.

Joel Davis (STAFFLINK) talked about the three biggest challenges facing the industry right now, and re-framed them as opportunities to be excited about, rather than things to fear.

Kristen Hansen (EnHansen Performance) gave us an enthralling neurological perspective and understanding of the processes underpinning ‘gaining an insight’ and spoke of the brain’s inherent ability to embed new high-performance habits.

Julian Muldoon (1Group) devoted his time to combating the false narrative around the housing market that often gets perpetuated in the media, and leads Australians to being less optimistic than they should be.

Jacqui Cooper (Australian Olympic Legend) is an inspiring (and absolutely hilarious) speaker. Her captivating story covered the extreme mental and physical challenges that she overcame, and her insights into the mindset required to be Australia’s first ever five-time Olympian.

Dean Firth (Macquarie) spoke authoritatively about the changes and trends impacting the  industry and economy as a whole. His insights into the leadership required to embrace these changes and how business models will need to be ‘re-imagined’ was extremely valuable.

Chris Rolls (Pielab) closed off the conference with an insightful presentation that asked “what is strategy?” and cut through the various ideas about strategy to demonstrate the basis tenet of how to create value.

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