Streamline Your Processes Better With STAFFLINK’s Request Forms

Streamline Your Processes Better

Is your team struggling to understand your processes? Is keeping forms and paperwork organised slowing down your admin staff? Is the constant back and forth between your team taking up more and more time from your day? Streamline your processes better with STAFFLINK’s process for real estate request forms.

Outdated processing could be one of the reasons why your administration team is swamped with paperwork all the time. That is why we’ve come up with this one-stop hub for all the paperwork you may need. STAFFLINK has designed request forms to be more user-friendly, autonomous and coherent, and it only needs to be filled out once.

Our goal for this process is to centralise the flow of request at one time to make sure your agents have what they need the first time. This eliminates the back and forth between agents and admin teams, therefore freeing up more valuable time. Our goal was to centralise all form requests to ensure your agents get what they need the first time.

Automating the paperwork

Agents are busy and always on the go. They don’t have the time to train someone to write up the paperwork, organise documents, send information requests, etc. Training for how to take over these mundane tasks is part of our onboarding process. Paperwork submitted through a STAFFLINK request form is automatically completed for the requester once it’s been filled out with the necessary information.

There’s no need to create a template for your document because the template is already designed. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Types of request forms

STAFFLINK has designed a myriad of forms to make the standardised process simpler and more efficient. These are just some examples to name a few.

Pre-List Request

This request form is to prepare and send your pitch to the potential vendor. Book appointments and send proposals to clients using this form.

Offer/Contract Request

This is the form we can send to a buyer or sales agent to advise the administration team that a contract is needed for the property a buyer is offering for.

These are some examples of STAFFLINK contact request forms.

STAFFLINK has designed the most efficient process to make the lives of your administration staff, real estate agents, and property managers easier. You shouldn’t be bogged down with stacks of paperwork when you can be out there, focusing on bringing in business to the company. Are you ready to cut down your costs, gain back more valuable time, and unload some of the heavy work? Let STAFFLINK show you how to process your real estate request forms today.

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