WEEKLY WORKFLOW: Managing Rental Listing Campaigns

WEEKLY WORKFLOW: Managing Rental Listing Campaigns

How To Effectively Manage Landlords And Tenants During A Letting Campaign

Advertising your properties online is a fast and easy way to engage with the market, secure quality tenants with the added benefit of giving your business exposure.

The majority of enquiry received is generated through online platforms including your business website, realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, etc. This form of marketing has surpassed that of traditional print advertising and is not only easy to control and edit but is cost-effective for both the business and owner.

The letting campaign is a critical point in the relationship between the Owner, Tenant, and the Property Manager. Following a clear process is key to ensure that we are minimising vacancy, securing quality Tenants, and communicating with the Owner along the way.

How STAFFLINK helps you create your online listings

Time spent per month per new listing task for 5 properties

Send notice that the listing is to be advertised
2 minutes each property | 5 properties = 10 minutes

Provide all details of the listing to Stafflinker using the listing template.

Create listing in software
10 minutes each property | 5 properties = 50 minutes

Stafflinker to create the property in listing uploader.

Check, organize & upload images of the property
10 minutes each property | 5 properties = 50 minutes

Photos may be accessed by Stafflinker through a shared folder.

Launch listings through all available portals
2 minutes each property | 5 properties = 10 minutes

Completed by Stafflinker, who launches listings on portals such as Domain.com.au, InspectRealEstate.com.au, realestate.com.au, etc.

Online listing audits
2 minutes each property | 5 properties = 10 minutes

Completed by Stafflinker. Once the property is launched, check visible on all platforms and complete blurb and photography audits.

Notify owner property is online
2 minutes each property | 5 properties = 10 minutes

Stafflinker to send detailed email to the landlord with links to portals and reports on behalf of the property manager.

Regular owner communication
1 hour per letting campaign

Stafflink provides a comprehensive and consistent communication plan to assist team members when speaking with their owners. This communication plan ensures that you are having the right conversations at the right time throughout the listing campaign whilst simultaneously tracking possible price adjustments, days on market and other essential aspects of this process.

Process applications
30 minutes each application | 5 applications = 2.5 hours

Stafflinker to process both written and online applications received. This starts with completing tenancy checks on a tenancy database used in your office. Stafflinker will proceed with reference checks for the applicant/s’ rental history and current employment. And also calculate for the affordability, suitability based on the income.

Present application to the owner
10 minutes each application | 5 applications = 50 minutes

Once the application process is complete, your Stafflinker will prepare an Application Summary outlining the key aspects of the application such as their current employment, previous rental history and suitability for the property. The Property Manager can then use this, in conjunction with reviewing the application themselves to present to the owner for their feedback and approval.

Application approved
5 minutes each application | 5 applications = 25 minutes

Once the application has been presented to the owner. With their approval your offshore team can prepare the Application Approved email outlining the approval process, holding deposit/bond payment details and the agreed terms of the lease. The Property Manager can then review and send to the tenant. Following up on payment, if required.

Property leased
5 minutes each property | 5 properties = 25 minutes

Once the conditions of the Application Approval process have been met by the tenant and the Property Manager has what is required. The property can then be marked as leased.

Now that you see an example of the new listing process, you can start reviewing and optimising what you currently have in place. But if you don’t have time for it…

Let STAFFLINK help you with your new listings workflow

STAFFLINK can save you more time by efficiently assuming the role of managing your new listings process.

Outsource your administrative tasks with us so you can leverage your time and focus on the more important aspects of your business.

We train our staff to follow each step by the book while giving them leeway to come up with solutions to problems on their own.

Here at STAFFLINK, we conduct all our operations using cloud technology and database tools to create structured processes and workflows that are easy to absorb.

Let’s have a talk about building your own offshore team now!

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