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5 ways to get more sales in real estate

How to Get More Sales in Real Estate
03 July 2020 Stafflink

Help your sales team see the bigger picture


The success of your business is reliant on how much you invest in your sales force.

While you may have several years of experience selling properties, are you doing enough to innovate your sales process to try and tap into the newer generation of home owners and keep up with this digital age?

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a savvy veteran in the real estate game, there’s nothing wrong with constantly improving your strategy.

This is how you get more sales in real estate.

Make the most out of technology


We are living in the age of technology where everything is simpler and instantaneous. In a recent study, the most prominent way of researching property has drastically changed. The main source of acquiring property information is online research.

So make yourself visible to this new demographic. Create an immersive home buying experience through virtual tours, give people an extensive look of your property through photos and videos.

This actually saves you valuable time as this process separates the serious buyers from the ones who are “just looking” then you can focus all your energy on the people who are really interested that could potentially lead to a closed sale.

Bring the home buying experience to the people without them having to leave their own homes.

Establish your presence


Marketing and advertising aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, you can easily promote your product and services by running ads through social media and Google.

Online advertising is actually much simpler than traditional media advertising as you can target a specific audience or group to increase the likelihood of converting leads into sales. You can also easily keep track of the progress of all your content with Google analytics and social media insights.

All the ads that you run should result in website traffic. So make sure your visitors can easily navigate your website’s UI(User Interface). Make the experience simpler and hassle-free. The end game is to provide information, and land them as a customer.

Learn how to establish your digital presence 

Outsource with STAFFLINK


Giving some of your workload to STAFFLINK can help bring more focus to your team and organisation as a whole. By transferring your administrative tasks to us, your property managers can use the extra time directly interacting with the clients to keep them happy, and looking for quality leads and closing sales. Nothing will be sacrificed and your property managers can focus on the things they excel in.

STAFFLINK does more than just provide you with highly-qualified sales support though, our services go beyond that. We train your staff to be valuable industry experts through our customised real estate training course.

Increase engagement with your audience


Customer engagement is one of the key factors of acquiring new customers and retaining your current ones. Now that more and more people are using Facebook, customer service has been a hot commodity especially in real estate, so make sure you respond to inquiries and issues promptly and positively.

You can also create different avenues of communication like publishing blog articles, posting relevant and engaging social media content, interacting with them through direct messaging, or by simply catching-up with their experience through surveys.

One thing a customer appreciates is when their voice is being heard. So keep your lines open for their feedback.

Let your clients do the talking


One of the most, if not, the most effective ways of converting leads into sales is through customer recommendation. Encourage your clients to spread the word about their positive experience with your company.

Word of mouth advertising is highly sought after because it is seen as a credible and genuine truth when it comes to user experience. This can give your branding an immense boost when the branding is coming from your own clients.



Your success as a real estate agency will rely on how you can effectively market your properties.

These marketing strategies are tried and tested solutions to help any organisation find success.

Ready to implement these strategies and improve your sales system? Schedule a free consultation with us now!

Schedule a free consultation with us now!