7 Audits A VA Should Assume From Your Property Manager

7 Audits Your VA Should Take Over From Your Property Manager

Various industries are starting to realise the value a virtual assistant can bring. An outsourced virtual assistant not only gives you maximum efficiency, it also enables you to save big on operational costs.

This is especially true in the real estate industry.

An outsourced virtual assistant has become a valuable asset for property managers and real estate agencies alike. By outsourcing a VA, property managers are able to focus their time on acquiring quality leads, keeping their current clientele happy, or even expanding to different territories across Australia. And that’s just by outsourcing a virtual assistant.

So how does it all work? You can start the process by simply transferring all your administrative tasks to your virtual assistant. By reducing these time-consuming tasks, you are freeing yourself up to undertake higher stakes duties that are better suited for the property manager role.

You don’t want to get bogged down on recurring tasks that take up most of your day. Here are some tasks you can take off your plate and outsource to your personal virtual assistant.

1. Handling weekly tenant deposits

Your virtual assistant will be managing folio reports for funds in deposits which can be refunded to the tenants. They’ll be responsible for the allocation of the money to rent or invoices and find out if it was paid in error. In some instances though, new lease agreements won’t be in place.

2. Smoke Alarm Audit

Your outsourced VA will ensure that your smoke alarm work orders have been submitted and actioned based on each state’s specific legislative requirements. If an owner has opted to do their own smoke alarm checks, your VA will prepare the necessary paperwork.

3. Bond Audit

Your outsourced VA will cross-reference bonds in your documents that have been lodged with the bond authority, ensuring it is reflected in the property management system.

Your VA will also check if there are changes in shared bond agreements and if they are updated and reflected in the system. When STAFFLINK takes over the management from another agency, we make sure that the bond shared from the old agency has been correctly changed to our agency.

4. Management Authority Audit

The virtual assistant will make sure that all MAs are completed and saved in the correct file location.

5. New Tenancy Audit

Your virtual assistant will ensure that all bonds have been paid, allocated, smoke alarms ordered and up to standard, and advertising/letting/break fees/signboard fees have been paid for.

Auditing is highly beneficial for your clients but time consuming for you as a property manager. Here are some tips to remember when auditing a property.

6. Routine Audit

Let your virtual assistant handle the day-to-day routinary tasks that take up a lot of your time.

  • Routine completed
  • Photos Uploaded
  • Published to Owner Portal
  • Email Sent to Owner

Want to learn how you can maximise your VA’s efficiency? Here are 5 tasks they can do to help you win your next listing.

7. Daily Checks

This is for redundancy purposes and is to check for end of day flags for overdue phone calls and price drops.

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Managing a real estate agency and its staff is already a challenge as it is. But by letting your virtual assistant take the bulk of the workload, we will ensure that your operations are running smoothly and without a hitch.

And these are just 7 audits your VA could take over from your property manager. Outsourcing can unlock more of your organisation’s potential.

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