Hire a Virtual Assistant To Build Your Webbook

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Our guide to using your virtual assistant to create your new webbook.

Web Books are an integral communication system for the real estate industry. They’re used as a training and development tool for real estate agencies to list and market properties, manage and document proposals, sales, and contracts, and even present information packs for sellers and buyers.

While creating web books can be time-consuming, it’s still considered a viable business strategy that has refined and simplified the process and enhanced the careers of thousands of real estate professionals. What if we told you that building web books is just one of the many tasks your virtual assistant can take over from you?

Too much on your plate? STAFFLINK can take care of that

We specialise in making the professional and personal lives of our clients easier. Our aim is taking the bulk of the administrative workload from your hands so you can focus on the more important aspects of your job. Keeping client satisfaction in good shape, and selling more houses.

We’ll train your staff on how to create web books so you can have complete, well-rounded support. Using a VA for this task will minimise back and forth so you don’t have to check up on them as often.

What else can a virtual assistant do for you?

What can a Virtual Assistant create on Web Books?

Your STAFFLINK VA will be initially trained to create a range of web books templates for your business. They can further learn on other types depending on your needs. To make this task more seamless, your VA will send you a Q and A form for you to fill out with the necessary information for the web book you want to be done.

Property Listings & Proposals

Creating listings is the most sought after template in web books. These can be used to market available properties and send over proposals to your customers through direct email, campaigning, and newsletters.

Agent Bio

An agent bio, much like the industry profile, is to provide your customers with vital information. Only this type of web book deals with individual sales agents. Here your customers can find their agent’s short professional biography, employment history, number of properties sold, and so on.

This is so they can select and get to know who they want to deal with before committing to an agent. Take note that this can all be customised based on your needs.

Information Packs

Information packs can be used as marketing materials for buyers and sellers. It provides more details for your listings. These packs usually contain brochures, contact information, news articles, journals, and fact sheets. These can be created and templated in web books by your VA.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance request documents can also be created by your VA using web books. These forms are important as it is key to retaining tenants and keeping your properties clean and safe from hazards.

Industry Profile

One of the most basic types of web books is creating your company’s industry profile. This is an integral part of any agency especially for newer companies who want to establish their brand. Your VA can easily design your organisational profile using our library of templates.

Having your virtual assistant take over your webbook creation is one of the money excellent benefits of outsourcing with STAFFLINK. Focus on the core of your business while simultaneously saving money and more time running your business.

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