Tasks Real Estate Agents Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Tasks Real Estate Agents Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

This article provides some of the real estate virtual assistant tasks that you may want to adopt in your agency. Please contact the team at STAFFLINK to see even more ways we can assist your team every day!

For many businesses, hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-efficient solution that allows their key staff to do what they do best. But during this post-crisis timeline, what is reduced overhead costs for some businesses may be life-saving and vital for others.

But you may ask yourself…What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) can help your business in different types of ways, but it all depends on what your business needs. If administrative work such as listing homes and chasing arrears is preventing you from talking to a client, then a VA for you means someone who can do administrative tasks. If finding leads is preventing you from keeping your current clients happy, then a VA is someone who can do lead generation.

In short, a virtual assistant (VA) is like a swiss army knife. But if you’re still uncertain of the capabilities of a VA, here are some real estate virtual assistant tasks:

1. Data Encoding

Property managers deal with people every day and in the rush of things, it’s not uncommon to miss out on documentation (if you’re lucky), or worse mixed up entries! Yikes!

Now documentation might seem like a small task, but you have to remember that it can be very time-consuming. With a VA, you can just simply pass this task over to them so you can go about your day. A VA can help log and most importantly keep organised clients’ information such as:

  • their names,
  • addresses,
  • status,
  • numbers,
  • and other crucial information that can help in the future.

Now that you don’t need to encode any data, maybe you can meet more people, broadening your reach and extending your network even further.

2. Basic Financial Tasks

A VA can help keep track of your operational expenses so it’ll be easier for you to evaluate your finance to determine your next possible steps.

Giving your VA simple real estate virtual assistant tasks such as organising and managing your invoices, accounts, and any other tasks related to finance can be extremely beneficial for you as this is another process that they can take off your hands to lighten your load.

3. Database and Spreadsheet Management

A data spreadsheet is the favourite tool of a real estate professional. It’s the simplest way to organise data. However, much like data encoding, it takes up a lot of your time. Luckily, spreadsheet management is one of the many skills a VA possesses.

A VA can organise the data they’ve already encoded and layout the data for you in your software of choice. We here at STAFFLINK go with The Hub. It’s a seamless data management software that’s easy to pick up and brings us incredible value.

Here’s why The Hub is the ideal tool for your real estate business.

4. Cold calling potential leads

Cold calling is still considered a legitimate marketing strategy. It helps gauge which people are prospective customers, and which people may be a waste of time.

You can have your VA scour potential leads, create a list of phone numbers, and then ring them up to drum up some interest. You could do this task yourself, but this is something your VA can easily handle.

Once the task is complete all you have to do is call the warmer prospects, which is totally a better use of your time.

5. Organising Your Files and Documents

Contracts are the most vital documents in the real estate industry. These can make or break a sale. The last thing you need is a lost or misplaced contract. Unfortunate scenarios can be avoided once you have a VA to organise your files for you. Thus ensuring safety and security for you, the owners, and their tenants.

6. Scheduling and Calendar Organisation

For some people, scheduling appointments can get confusing real quick. There are many reasons why this happens, for some, they get so engrossed in what they are doing that they miss a meeting, while others have to juggle so many things that they easily get sidetracked. Whatever the reason may be missing a meeting is a blow to your reputation.

With a VA you can get that much-needed help to organise your calendar and schedule. Even if you’re busy with something, they can provide that gentle push to remind you of a meeting ahead of time, and the best VAs can even help you by gathering all the necessary information packets before the meeting to help you prepare.

But it’s not just about your schedule. VAs can also reach out to your clients and customers ahead of time, which has the added benefit of a better turn out rate. This not only helps with making sure everyone gets to meet on time but also allows you to maximise your time in case the other party doesn’t show up. Suddenly, you’re free of having to keep up with your schedule and there will always be a reminder to ensure you never miss a client meeting ever again.

7. Digital/Social Media Marketing

If you’re out there on the field meeting people you have to ask yourself a simple question: “Who will manage my website and social media platforms?”

While there are some people that are on top of everything, the same can’t be said for most people. Between work, life, friends, and family, where do you sneak marketing into the mix?


While you are speaking with your customers, your marketing-specialised VA can help you establish your presence online through engaging social media content, responsive customer service, a regular newsletter, and email marketing.

Marketing is a time-consuming task especially if you’re migrating your marketing to the digital landscape and it would require undivided attention. This can also net you possible customers giving you additional coverage for lead generation.

Other online marketing tasks may include:

  • Data insights and analytics
  • Drip campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Public relations

8. Provide Customer Service

Besides reaching out to potential customers and providing lead generation, your VA can also answer queries from people who are looking into your services. This simple act of relationship building can help elevate your brand and your business to a higher level.

Sure you can go around greeting your clients and recognising their milestones. Sure doing these activities can go a long way and advance your referral numbers. But like many items on this list, it can get time-consuming.

By letting your VA handle these important aspects of the job, you can solve this problem from two fronts. You as the face of the operation, while your VA can help elevate your reputation from the background.

9. Prospecting Potential Leads

Let your VA scavenge for leads which could potentially allow you to close more deals and boost your sales. They can create your listings to be posted on various avenues including social media, your website, and ads. With a VA around they can handle all the grunt work. All you have to do is get those prospects to say “yes.”

A VA can make your personal and professional life so much easier. You can grow your brand faster and more efficiently. Get yourself a virtual assistant from STAFFLINK and we’ll ensure that your business will run smoothly while you focus on doing what you do best. – making that sale.

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